Lucifer automatic writing. Need advice

Again me, with another problem.
Last night i did a automatic writing with Lucifer…
I ask him to identify himself and I start writing this : Emperor of Infernal Empire. Then I ask him some personal questions about one person. Out of the blue handwriting become different and focused on words like “sigil” and “darling”.
Then I ask who help me to do a ritual back in 2017 and he said the right person, i ask again what I give him, again, right answer.
Tnen something odd happened. He tell me that in our talk a parasite come through. From that moment our let’s say chat, become a messy one.
My questions are:

  1. It was a parasite there?
  2. How a parasite can know few personal things?
  3. How to understand this existence?

About the second question, for what concerns “larvae” it seems that they born out of the union of a human thought with an elemental spirit. From this point of view, the parasite knows something personal because its origin is partially related to the operator of the medianic practice.

Because you know, and they are connecting in to you.

Larvae don’t talk and aren’t created by humans, they more like astral wildlife that exist to clean up lose stagnant energy, I don’t think this was a larva. There’s a gazillion more types that will though. They’re as numberous as the birds in the trees. That’s why you set up a space that keeps them out sp you won’t be bothered.

I do another automatic writing few minutes ago.
This is what I get… Well is not complete…