Lucifer and zazazel

Are lucifer and zazazel friends? or otherwise work together in a significant way?

Do you mean Azazel? Zazazel is the Buried King from the Maergzjiran current, a ghost essentially; not a demon.

If you do mean Azazel, then yes. In fact, they’re independent parts of the meta consciousness which is The Devil.


i do mean the buried king. i know there’s not a lot of overlap and zazazel isn’t a demon but there both left hand entities.

Zazazel is imo an egregore; that’s how ti feels, at least… The Maergzjiran pantheon has no relation to The Infernal Divine Pantheon - to which Lucifer belongs.


I whole heatedly agree


and yet they both seem to have plans for earth. are they contradictory? is there or will there be a conflict?

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Honestly, if you read the Maergzjiran literature and lore…you see that it’s so RPG-like. There’s a thread here that explains in detail with good evidence that the current is based on D&D. Which is fine, and all, but the Maergzjiran entities (which are egregores, except maybe for Astrael and Crnobog) will never be as powerful as The Infernal Divine.

the way i heard it d&d is based on them. as well as a bunch of other sources.

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Yeah that’s their common “counter-argument.” It’s nonsense because:

  1. There are no historical records whatsoever of the maergzjiran current
  2. They claim it’s an oral tradition yet it lacks folk-tale elements; it’s straight up video game material. it has no similarities to any other local tradition which is shady
  3. They use words and concepts which did not exist at that time.

that is very interesting. i may have to look deeper into it.

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They are very real though. I worked with that current and they manifested to me the most real and visible than any others. It was like humans were standing in my room. I dont know about right hand path. The death current and energy is very strong with them. And i never noticed any "love and light " with them at all but that might just be me. It was all cursing and death…

I’d say if you are curious about it, then summon them. Open the gates, bring them through and ask Cernobog or Astrael or any of the others you might be drawn to yourself. That is the only way to know.

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