Lucifer and the Wind

So, I was just sitting in the park and chanted Lucifer’s enn a few times.

The wind has been blowing and while I chanted his enn…there was a brief pause in the wind blowing.

I talked to him a bit, stating my request. As I walked away, I looked over and the people who own the park have a garage that is there. The garage door was open and I looked inside and it was very dark in there and I couldn’t see anything (there is some distance between the garage and the sidewalk where I was) As I walked past I imagined seeing Lucifer in the garage or maybe two eyes. As I imagined this, someone turned on a car in the garage and the lights of the car flashed on at me. Before this I thought the garage was empty.

What do you all think? Was the wind and the flash of lights Lucifer giving an acknowledgement… or just a coincidence?


As master Oogway told us, there are no coincidences. Also, spirits (especially Lucifer) do that a lot, to give signs to those who want to see them act in the physical world.


Agreed! I try to remind myself of that. I guess I try to be balanced in my approach (I’m a libra, lol) so I try not to automatically assume the most drastic thing. lol But I agree…no coincidences.

And that makes sense! I have really been thinking about that a lot lately and asking for it…so it makes sense that he would.

I know that they hear me because my prayers get answered…but when I have a stretch of what feels like a “lack” I get antsy and want to see something. lol .

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Spirits know that I think and they understand human nature. Probably Lucifer wanted to give you a sign for that reason.

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It Is best to pronounce the Enns when the wind comes from the back and not from the front. The Wind has the power to magnify the magical workings.

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We were chanting Enn’s in a local woods and we had the opposite, When we finished chanting the wind blew through the woods when it had been completely still before. You could feel a presence

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Wow. Ok. I didn’t know that. Thank you!

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Hmm… interesting. I’ll have to watch for that as well!

I wonder how many signs like that I got over the years and just didn’t know lol

I remember when I was in high school and playing around a few times I told the wind to stop and it did.

Wish I’d known then that it was real and not imagination. lol

Similar thing happened to me few days ago while i was in the bus it started to rain heavily
I was really worried i get caught up in the weather with my good clothes so i always have lucifers sigil on my phone lock screen
I was staring at the sigil and called lucifer requesting to stop the rain
And boom it didnt even take a minute the rain stopped and i could see sunlight
I dont think its a coincidence
So i thanked lucifer

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Wow!! That’s awesome!

I’ve not tried that.

I know back when I was in high school I would tell the wind to stop and it would!!!