Lucifer and the Hidden demons - King Asmodeus

I have been looking forward to work with King Asmodeus for a long time. Is Asmodi from the book Lucifer and the Hidden demons the same as King Asmodeus? The powers of him are listed different too. Can I use the method given in the book to call upon King Asmodeus?


As far as I know. Asmodi and Asmodeus are same. :sparkles:

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The powers listed in the book are different from the usual powers of Asmodeus. I wanted to know if I can use the method in Lucifer and the hidden demons book to contact Asmodeus to use his other areas of speciality

You may want to read the book more carefully.

The name Asmodi was chosen from the author and their order’s experience working the system and making direct contact with the demons. The name Asmodeus is often used in the source text (the Abramelin), but apparently within this system the name Asmodi is what the demon Duke prefers, and in my experience Asmodi has worked well.

The author also states that certainly nothing is stopping you from trying to access powers not listed in the book, but that for this particular system of demon magick, the best results are most likely when you follow what is within the book, because those powers, as the author claims, are what their order has found to be most effective from working with the demons for over 50 years.

The problem with trying to use powers found on, say, the internet, is that there is no way of knowing whether or not the information is really true, or if someone was just off on their own, spewing nonsense. I’ve noticed that there is sometimes the tendency to basically give every demon every power you could think of, or to describe powers in an incredibly vague and non-specific way. Not everyone needs (or can properly use) a large array of extremely precise powers, but that is what you get with this grimoire, and if that doesn’t work well for you, then maybe you would be best off finding a different system more suited to you.

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Understood. I’m trying to access the lust aspect of Asmodeus through this method and it’s well known that it’s his area of expertise. Only experience speaks I guess

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Yes, it will work.

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Asmodi wields powers of temptation, and in my experience lust is definitely a part of that.

What has been curious to me for some time is why Daglus is under Magoth. I suppose now that I consider it, a loss of hope can be used in many creative ways.

Is there a deity which energetically opposes temptation?