Lucifer and Satan

Hey guys,

I’m in a position of confusion in which way to go in life. To be specific, which choices I need to make to move forward. I was curious if anyone can evoke Lucifer or Satan on my behalf and ask some questions that I have. It would be so greatly appreciated. If you require a fee to do this I would be happy to pay money for this.
Thank you

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It is against the rules of the forum for someone to offer such services.


I apologize.

On thate note, if anyone can kindly do this as a favor I would really appreciate it!

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No harm, man. I just wanted to make sure people understand that offering magical services for money is prohibited on the forum.

On a side note: Please don’t take it personally if no one is willing to do this for you. We get asked to do this type a thing A LOT and most of us don’t have the time nor inclination for it, so if no one chooses to help you, please understand that it does not have anything to do with you (we have had some get impatient and start demanding such services, as if the members here are somehow required to do magick for them, and then get offended when no one chooses to).

Good luck to you.


Have you tried meditating and asking your higher self or Lucifer to guide you?

In my experience, it’s not so much the decision that’s important, it’s following up on it 100% afterwards that matters. You can sabotage yourself by going at one path halfheartedly because you’re always wondering ‘what if?’ So, toss a coin, pick best of three and then go for it full steam ahead.

(And if the result of the coin toss makes your heart sink, that’s telling you to do the other, which is ok too.)


Just what I needed.

Thank you!!