Lucifer and Satan

Lucifer means “the Light bearer” and Satan means “the Adversary”.
So, they are terms, not names.
There are many Lucifer and many Satan.
Some Lucifer are Satan, too.
So, what is the name of the Lucifer that we know?



My interpretation of Lucifer was that he was a King of Babylon or Mesopotamia, who died.
Jerome really messed up the translations.
Satan first shows up in Job as a trickster.
The Serpent that Temped Eve is identified as just that, a Serpent.

During the 10th Century it was very common for the nobles to call each other Satan.
Or that a rival king was possessed by devils or a Satan.

The real Satan?
Anything can be a Satan in my opinion.
More like a derogatory insult your enemies sling at you when they have exhausted all other means of attacking you.

Like calling someone racist with no proof.
There may be a real spirit associated with this though.
Symbolic of someone who doesn’t care what you call them.
Defiant till the end.


Lucifer has many names/masks. I think one of Conner’s post is about it. I’d suggest you to check it out!
But many spirits have multiple names. Lucifer’s ones are known the most though! (For example Enki/Ea the one who created humanity).