Lucifer and Michael

For those who have worked with both, what is your opinion on their energies? This question is important due to an event that just happened.

I know there are already questions on this, but i wanted to ask again, specifically to them who have experienced them both seperately and together.

This is an important question to me, so please if you have wisdom to share please do.

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In my fairly brief encounters, I find Michael to be much more severe, humourless, judgemental and evil-feeling than Lucifer. He’s manageable because he follows strict rules and that makes him more predicatable, but he’s all business, but I wouldn’t trust him. He doesn’t feel like he’s on anyone’s side but his own. He appears large, armoured and armed, and likes to dazzle.
Lucifer appears with long blonde hair, more dapper and gentlemanly than warrior, often wearing red robes with a pleasant drape. He laughs and is personable, is kind and relatable.
I think Lucifer has enjoyed and learned from the humans, where the RHP-aligned daemons like Michael have not.

But that’s just my tuppence.


I respectfully disagree based on the experience that just happened and the past experiences ive had with Michael he has been nothing short of helpful to me and has saved my life a couple times, my issue is idk how he feels with Lucifer although there are many people on the forum saying hes chill with him and they are like best friends


I’m confused. I’m not clear how you can disagree unless you’re telling me I’m lying? I just related my honest opinion and experience. They are what they are, you don’t have to like it.

I also didn’t say Michael couldn’t be or hasn’t been helpful to me. He has. I still don’t like him much personally. But I don’t like a bunch of humans either at work, doesn’t mean we can’t work together professionally.


I know, it was just a point I was making based on my opinion based on my experiences, meant no offense, sorry if it came accross that way, oh ok i misunderstood you then on some points about Michael

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When I said I respectfully disagree it was meant as respectful clash of opinions, no disrespect my friend :slight_smile: i apologize

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Ah I see. No worries.

I’m sorry I can’t speak to thier relationship. I had a few folks in the room for a specific ritual that was quite structured, they didn’t have an opportunity to mingle and no communication that I heard happened spontaneously. But I had the LHP folks invoked, and the angelics evoked exclusively. (I have never invoked anyone RHP-aligned to date and I don’t plan on it at the moment.)

I don’t believe for a second that the level of rancorous rivalry touted by some quarters is real at all. I think it’s more like a soap opera made up because drama is fun to think about. I’ve worked with Raphael and Azazel together and they’re not best buds, but they’re not at each others throats either. For one thing, there’s bigger things at stake and for another human pettiness is human, and they are very much not.

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I have worked with Lucifer many times in the past, but I’ve never worked with Michael. It’s interesting to read about him actually. I guess he doesn’t trust easily? I don’t know though, as I said, I’ve never worked with him nor summoned him before.

I have worked with Raphael though. That spirit is very helpful and he’s on good terms with Lucifer I think. Plus, he’s a great healer and he’s really helpful at all times (though I’ve only asked his help on healing matters).

I see them as two sides of the same coin. Light and darkness. They’re not enemies. Also you can’t say Lucifer=LHP and Michael=RHP. The choice which path you follow has nothing to do with them and I never felt like they care.


Lucifer can also be light imo as Michael can also be Darkness, I’ve read a bunch which say they are best friends