Lucifer and King Paimon 1/31/2018

So, since we had so much free energy today, I decided to summon King Paimon, Lucifer as well as pray to spirits for help in my everyday life and protection (I didn’t manage to cast a spell though, but I may meditate later in order to feel the energies around me). In the end, I also thanked the moon for the energy it gave me today.

So, I had some things from other BALG members to ask Lucifer and then we got to the important stuff (I also asked him something for a love matter as well as an ancestry matter which are personal so I won’t go into details for those).

I asked him about my previous lifetimes and I got an interesting answer. He said that instead of wanting to learn about my previous lifetimes, I should first focus on gaining more power in this lifetime and then look back. It’s a really nice answer that I wouldn’t consider on my own.
I also asked him about the upcoming war that we need to win in order for us to become the masters of Earth once more. He said in order for the war to start, we need to attack the enemy or to grow more so that they see us as a threat and attack us first. Also, he told me that they’re trying to open some sorts of gates. They were build by the Atlanteans (or perhaps even before that some of them) so that they could go from place to place and from dimension to dimension. They’re trying to open them in order for their kin to come here from a lower dimension and they will attack us once they manage that. Instead we should control these gates and bring our allies and also, we could use them as means of transportation.
I have heard about a gate like that from Thoth in his emerald tablets. The gate is located in Egypt if I’m not mistaken.

After that, I summoned King Paimon and told him about my previous lifes too and I had a similar answer. He said that in this lifetime the war may emerge and then, once we win, we’ll make the era of magus (my dream) a reality. He said that once I’m ready he will help me regain all of my memories and powers and defeat the enemy once and for all along with those who will fight with me. That’s promising!

That’s all, it went really well and I had a good connection with them even though it took sometime to connect. I’m tired now though XD.

Tell me your thoughts on that and also I hope you had a good time during these hours of free energy from our kind friend, the moon.

PS: Sorry for the long text XD.


The islands of Atlantis were shaped like the Sephiroth with 10 portals.
Just felt like telling you.

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I’m aware of that. And actually I know that the islands that had no one living on them attracted life. That’s how other races other than humans came to live to Atlantis. It’s really interesting if you think about it.

But there is also something else. There is a possibility that the Atlanteans (probably Thoth), created some sort of stargates.

If so, one must be within the great pyramid as well as its key. Or at least, he says something like that in his tablets (which I’ll read again). I hope I’ll find something that I’ve missed.