Lucifer and I have a previously unresolved issue I think

So where are we to begin…
I’ve always known I had a divinity.
Since childhood I searched for what that was. Religion, magic, music.
Always had this thought in the back of my mind that I decend from Solomon so maybe that’s where this started.
One day, a boy met a girl…
She’s nothing like my type. Nothing like me.
Literally no idea why I was drawn to her, until a few years later.
Long story short… Lucifer and Lillith stick to her like flies on death.
So began our weird relationship. I spent a ton of time and energy over the next few years trapping, binding, and removing this goat man from my house as I made babies.
I even called on some archangels who kept whispering sweet nothings in my ear and with a flash of light in the middle of the night, it seemed I won.
Until I realized there was a female entity hiding there the whole time doing the real work while the goat distracted me, whom had let the male out of the trap I left him in months before.
So I tried to fight them both. One night in a fit of anger (we taunted each other a lot) while on psychedelics I stormed up into the ceiling where they were hiding at the time. As I crawled through the hatch, I crawled out of my body and entered the ether as my physical body fell to the floor of the closet. I had a face to face with him. He opened his maw roaring in my face with all his might, his horns beautifully curled and his body surrounded by A purple energy in a world of darkness. I was ecstatic. At a time when one would probably be scared, I laughed in his face in sincere joy before being propelled back into my body 15 feet below.
I began to realize at that moment that I didn’t know my own history, and the two of them I guess realized they didn’t want me around anymore.
So skip forward 2 and half years and a ton of fuckery between my family and the royal family of darkness.
Tonight I evoked Lucifer to figure out why his wife did what she did to me, why we have this Love/hate relationship even though I don’t know him at all etc.
My intention was to be cordial, respectful, usual first evocation stuff.
But when he showed up, I couldn’t stop myself.
I greeted him like it was a French sibling rivalry. It always feels like I’m holding a grudge from a past life that I can’t remember.
I would very much like to meet, befreind, and learn from him. I would also like to figure out why he seems so invested in controlling my life, but I can’t even feel his presence without getting disrespectful.
So I don’t know where I’m going with this… But fuck?

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Lucifer at one point or other pissed off most or all of his kids. Dad likes to control us when it suits him best. My advice relax and just go with the flow.

His real kids hate him. Even the most loyal of them do at one point or other. He can be a real dick to his offspring. His worshippers don’t see his hidden sides like his wives and kids do.

Try to regain your memories. They will have the answers to what happened between you and your divine parents. I get you were left behind on a planet.


I don’t have any advice right now other than summoning him and talking to him about it.

Also, search for other posts on how to control and learn about your energy.


Where did you learn this if i may ask?


That has been my main focus for a few months. I have to regain control of my spirit and emotions. I never purposely projected or evoked until recently so I’m going to working towards control.

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You should do that. There are some useful posts somewhere on the forum about that.

Thats is a lot to claim. So where did this info come from exactly?

Maybe from another Lucifer then we know. :wink:

I highly doubt this too. I can do a lot, but one time I did an offering and his energy changed (he was not angry at all), just to show another part of him. He did nothing special, but that change alone was a very little display what he can do. The fire of the candle went very high it could easily set fire in my temple. And that change of energy got me the chills. He asked ‘did I scare you’, Answer ‘yes’ and the whole energy changed again as how I know him. That power……


I do not understand the question?

The question wasn’t for you, it was a reply to “purple”.