Lucifer and Abaddon...much to do

So, found out Lucifer is my guardian angel and Abaddon wants to be my patron. I’m excited, a spirit has finally reached out in the way of being my patron🤗. I’ve always felt it’s better for one to choose a student than the other way around. I just don’t know how to to go about this because it’s Abaddob…FUCKING ABADDON!!!

I feel like lil fat fuckin kid locked overnight in a chocolate factory. I have no fear about this at all it’s a new chapter. I just don’t know how to to go about this whole patron thing.

Lucifer being my guardian angel…never expected that at all but none the less excited about that too. He’s many things and capable of incredible stuff and if he is the guardian “L” that watched over me when I was younger I’ll be eternally grateful. I would’ve died many times over if it wasn’t for him.

What do I do now cause I’m genuinely lost in personal cool factor right now lol


Great work and thanks for sharing!

So, I have no experience with Abaddon, so I won’t advise you there. But as for Lucifer, you can summon him and learn a few things from him. And also, he could advise you about this.

Well Abaddon is a piece of work. I had a very brief experience but it changed my life drastically. He is a destroyer, so he will remove obstacles from your path. In my case it was not pretty but now I see, it was for the better.

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I’ve heard weird crap about Abbadon being nicer than most, just… creepier? I dunno, he feels like death, but he and I have spoken before. He’s better than he sounds. I feel his energy rn, but he’s not responding.

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Feeling his energy is a response :slight_smile:

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Abaddon as a Patron can only mean great things for you. He is very protective and if he chose to work with you he must see the potential in you. I look forward to your journey.


Abaddon and I have a weird past. He’s the first demon I think I was genuinely afraid of, and funnily enough, probably the last. Getting to know him, though, paints another picture. Death is ironically another chance.

I feel it again. It’s comforting, if you loosen everything. Kind of like death.

I’m genuinely excited so we’ll see what happens. It’s amazing not much info on Abaddon outside of JCI bullshit.

Had a semi drunken dream the other night with Lucifer and Abaddon as guides. It played out completely opposite in the way I saw it going, but, for a better and deeper gnosis of myself. It was concerning my stepdaughter, wife, etc and the fucked up situation I got put in over SEVERELY false allegations and I proved my innocence to all governing authorities involved on the mundane side. Well, in the dream, hidden truths were being brough to light on the situation that I and my ex knew, but we both forced ourselves and each other to ignore and I had no choice but to accept. Then it shifted to a peculiar situation which was potent, powerful and personally liberating which I will not post or ellaborate on out of respect for many on this forum because it’s fuckin dicey in a social setting especially what was said to me about said situation.

Once that part of the dream was over they said “we(spirits) all know you’re innocent. We all know the values and morals you’ve held as a personal standard and it’s admirable and respectable. But, they’re no good to the degree in which you cling to them. Your environment growing up has been over a long time, things have changed and you need to shed these parts of you to become stronger. There’s a STRONG darkness inside of you and it’s VERY powerful. It wants out so you can merge and embrace it. The weak shun desire, passion, power and conflict…you were born for this it’s your birth rite. The strong embrace it to shape the world around them and so will you.(Lucifer) You have no choice, so, we’re going to strip and burn away the parts of you that serve no purpose to your path. (Abaddon) Fight this and I’ll personally make it very very painful. A mistake of the weak I know you won’t make. Fight through conflict not against it and you will become stronger. Those of importance will see this and acknowledge you. Those who are useless will shun this change and fight you. You will see you true enemies.”

Both: You are powerful by birth rite and dna alone. Your capabilities can be endless and you can go farther than any that have come before you and many after. But, you must embrace YOUR darkness first.

Abaddon: I’ll kill you if you don’t. Too much riding on you to fuck up in this lifetime.
Lucifer: grinning chuckle

Dream ended


As of 15 minutes ago I pacted with Abaddon. He wants me to start working the Qlippoth to develop an “acausal state”.

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This one made me laugh. What a humor the dude has :laughing:

Good luck with your Qlipphotic journey and ascension. Looking forward to hear more from you. Bookmarked!!

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