Lucifer Amaymon Partial Possession

I have been charging my sigils nightly as part of the Harvest Moon pact for awhile now and to keep things vital I change my working process every now and then. I started inviting Lucifer and Amaymon to step into my body a few says ago whilst charging the sigils and tonight Lucifer felt the strongest ever. I notice that the moon tonight here in Melbourne is currently transiting within 1 degree of Lucifer asteroid 1930 in Pisces which explains it to some degree. It really didn’t take much to call him tonight. His energy was really strong in my lower legs and feet, which was Awesome as I have been working out alot lately and they were a bit sore. Today I bought new trainers after seeing a child’s trainer abandoned on the pavement, causing me to think of Lucifer in his child form this morning. After Lucifer pushed his energy strongly into my lower legs and feet, the pain has gone! My body was like a vortex feeling his energy coursing through me and we were laughing like children. Then Lucifer gave me some insights about things in my near future and basically ordered me to reopen my Etsy store! I was having a great holiday from all of that and getting used to the freedom from it. However, now I have been advised, ordered even, that’s what I will do! I started charging the sigils whilst partially possessed by Lucifer and Amaymon. Amaymon’s energy is quite different to Lucifer’s, he didn’t say anything other than announce his presence by way of formality. Fun times!! :slight_smile: