Lucifer a vamp?

Anyone else experience the lovely one with fangs? I’ve noticed the last few times we had intimate meetings he had slight fangs. Not large or scary and he doesn’t use them - just slight and I can feel them grazing.

Honestly speaking spirits seems for everyone to take different form
Some people see my man Angel or Lucifer as an awesome a Hellfire Daemon In my case personally he just looks like a ball of light no real form just a ball of light maybe he doesn’t wanna show me a form yet?
I mean we just met about a month ago but we’re already hitting it off like friends.

I experience Lucifer that way. He usually bites me or feeds me. We have an interesting relationship.


That’s sort of how I saw him the first time - like an orangey light rimmed in white. I try not to hold any expectations of how he should look but when he started appearing it been the same form ever since. The little fangs are new tho

Yep. He’s a vampire.

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I always knowed

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I did not know this, now I’m geeked to have seen it :grin:. Thanks luv