Lucifer a Possible Effigy?


I listen to podcasts, YouTube videos etc at work and I was listening to one of Baal Kadmon 's videos about the Lucifer conundrum. With my extreme paraphrasing, I got the gist of the video is that Lucifer as we know him is not correct. When there is reference of him in the bible or text, Lucifer is a noun or adjective with more “accurate” translation.
This was very interesting and left me deep in thought about this because I have done a very special and meaningful meditation to Lucifer.
What are your thoughts?

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Like a thought form? I suppose they could all be thought forms or archetypes, but I’ suggest if there are beings that are out side of that Lucifer is one of such beings that isn’t an effigie.


This is one of those things that often slowed me down from having much direct interest in working with… err… It?

Lots of thoughts and interpretations I could unpack but I’d almost be embarrassed with as many long-term practitioners of best-selling author status around here who’ve expressly worked with Lucifer and could say a lot more.

The only thing I will say - I get the sense that our stories spin up archetypes, that there are all kinds of civilizations out there, going back to Donald Hoffman’s take on conscious agents, that we don’t have ‘portals’ into direct understanding of their situations, how their cultures are strung together, and it may well be that the archetypes have a way of drawing in the beings who are the closest facsimiles to the images that we’ve confabulated over time of various gods, goddesses, etc. (to add Ashen Chassan’s suggestion that, by their own admission, they’re of one fabric). That’s probably part of why people have so many profound encounters with a being likely just as fictitious in the earth plane sense, ie. Jesus. Something about the way we make sense of life and reality where we are is perhaps highly idiosyncratic and it could be that our fixations on proper identity are somehow novel.


Well, that’s somehow true and it’s not true at the same time. Even as a thought-form, Lucifer has enough power to be called a god-form. Now, as for what it represents, that’s change alright. His light is the light of change and ascension. However, he could be a part of an older and stronger spirit. Maybe someone like Enki? But theories aside, I do agree that Lucifer is something more than what we believe to know.


I recently wrote this as a reply on another platform and thought it was relevant to the topic:

“As far as Lucifer, I believe what we see is the evolution of a primal force that became sentient through personification, grew in power through archetypes, was co-opted by a foreign religion as a villain while absorbing attributes of infernal and adversarial currents within the Abrahamic systems. Once his energies were called upon by occultists and witches, he evolved further and took on more initiatory and symbolic roles. This to me is why we see Lucifer in so many different ways. I respect your opinion but where you may see him as a poorly defined egregore, I take a different interpretation. I see him as a being of great expansion, ingenious enough to push his own evolution and the ultimate opportunist (in a good way). He knows the myths about himself are symbolic or quite frankly bullshit but are evocative to many us and provides another way he can connect or interact with humanity.”

IMO, he is an ancient god especially from the standpoint of Greece and Rome (Eosphorus/Phophorus). He’s certainly no demon at least in the modern sense. His energy even interacts like a powerful deity.

But regardless, I believe I’ve seen Baal Kadmon’s video on this and I’m not sure he’s making the argument that he’s some thoughtform or only a part of our psychology. If I’m not mistaken, he was addressing the whole Christian tradition about Lucifer being Satan before the “Fall” and the later church acceptance of “Lucifer” in Isaiah 14:12 as a name for Satan.


Lucifer was a God to many eastern cultures,The Greeks the Romans Egyptians it was when the Bible was written and his name was demonized and associate it with the word Satan which means adversary or accuse, sometime in the 1300s 1400s were Christianity was brought upon us is when they darkened his name, if you Google it Saint Francis of the Catholic Church wanted to bring Lucifer back and redeem him as an angel…facts

So you replied to me so you can summarize in your own words what I just said?

I guess in a nutshell what you said was correct

I meant to reply to the actual question on my perspective…right or wrong I was not disagreeing with you

Sometimes I wonder if the Gods are using humans who view them as thoughtforms/humans thinking they created the Gods, and people who cram Gods into one other God in a monotheistic way are using these views as a form of comedy…ngl I know I would.

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It’s all good. My mistake.