Lucid first time out of body or what?

Iv been trying meditation (not a whole lot just q couple of times) and few days ago I was able to get half of my body spirit out…(if that was what it was) I visualized from my hand to my torso getting out… but I got overwhelmed and opened eyes. I felt like I died and came back? Felt extremely tired and with a headache the rest of the day! Had to sleep… and it was a very deep sleep!
The following day my best friend told me she had a dream of me bumping my head on a pool and that I died and resuscitated… and I asked her when did she dream and it was the same time I had this experience!

Is this normal? What are your takes in this? What happened?
Thanks x

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Great progress so far. It seems that you have the ability, but perhaps something might be holding you back. I would take it slower and maybe try during a different time during the day (personally I avoid night time but may work better for different people.) Your friend might be issuing you a warning?