Lucid dreams

How do you realize your dreaming to get lucid without waking up or a dream journal

Lucid dreaming or visions are a way of communicating telepathically to the individual, you have no control because they are being sent by a deity in response to your ritual requests.

You will know the vision is not coming from your own mind because usually what is being sent is not from your experience or thought patterns but something completely different.

You can’t control something that is sent to you by another mind or energy force from beyond the veil.

A lot of people say that they evoke demons in their lucid dreams and can control it tho? @lawclerk

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There are many theories out there but the reality is and from what i know, that after a ritual is performed than the communication begin. You would have to summon or evoke intentionally a spirit not through your subconscious or dream state but with your conscious intent.

But lucid dreaming is when your conscious enough to do anything in dream. And people have said that they evoke in lucid the same way as it can be done in the physical. @lawclerk

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You would still have to start the ritual while meditating and than a trance state starts.


This is tricky to answer because it all begins with baby steps first you have to be able to recall your dreams. If you can’t do that chances of experiencing lucid dreaming is very low. So to practice dream recall is f.e. Set an alarm for every five minutes for about half an hour before you are supposed to wake up. This will eventually make you hit a sweet spot where you are waking up in REM sleep meaning when you dream. Now you’ll have to record your dreams and slowly but surely become aware of this state so you know that you are in it, the hard part is not falling asleep in this state and no move around too much, the only activity that should be done is to turn on a recording device or a noting down in a journal but do it fast or you’ll likely remember bits and pieces or worse yet - nothing.

That’s how you will start out before hitting the benchmark of lucid dreaming, meaning learn to recognize and stay in the middle of REM sleep, and then become more comfortable in there and then attempt to example call out to a god or goddess mentally in that state.

Rituals like @lawclerk says usually triggers this, so will invocations, evocations and other things magical. For more information check out the book: the lucid dreaming by Charlie Morley, I have another book I want to recommend but I don’t remember the title right now, check it out it really great.

Lucid dreams - I have experienced it twice so far, you get the feeling that you are in partial control. It something feels odd, the dream itself feels very realistic and not like normal dreams, in my case there was also a deep blue hue in the dream that surrounded everything else, both times. Also it’s more experienced that just observed as a random chaotic series of images, it has structure or at least something that resembles a structure. And above all it usually feels very important to remember this when you wake up if it relates to entities. That’s about it.