Lucid dreams/astral projection

Can I call Lilith to help me with astral projection and lucid dreaming. I am giving myself 90 days to master lucid dreaming and to astral project some. After 90 days, I may go to an ayahuasca retreat if I still cannot do it.

Is it possible to master it within 90 days?
I am planning on working with Lilith, Archangel Gabriel, and more if I find beings who can help me with this…
If you can, please tell me more spirits to work with in order to finally master lucid dreaming and astral projection.

We’re on the same boat. Since everyone here says Lucifer is really patient and a good teacher, I tried to reach him for the same purpose. No luck yet.

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are you clairvoyant or clairaudient?

I’m Rey Cuervo and I don’t know anything. I’m just trying to learn.

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clairvoyant and clairaudient means you can hear and see spirits

Clairvoyant means see
clairaudient means hear

I’m none of those things. I wish I was. I am not. But thank you for telling me the definitions.

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I am not either sadly.

If you want to go the summoning route, additional suggestions I would make are Paimon and Naberius. As for astral projection in general, I would suggest reading Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce, as it is very solid and covers most of the issues people run in to when attempting to project.

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