Lucid Dreaming

So the past 5 days I’ve been having some very interesting dreams, and a couple of them involved a struggle between me and some external force, the last one happened not this morning but the morning before. The first one ended with a voice waking me up saying; “Now wake up and realize it me who is attacking you.” The second one it seemed like I could sense a presence other then my own within it. So during the day yesterday I spoke with Raphael and asked him to assist me in any upcoming dreams by helping me realize while I was within the dream that i was dreaming. He agreed.(I heard a voice that said; “I will.”)

Also right before falling asleep last night I contacted Haniel and meditated with her presence focusing on awakening my clairvoyant abilities for a couple of hours.

Well when I woke up this morning I fell right back into the same dream as soon as I went back to sleep, so I realized instantly that I could lucid dream.

So right away I decided to start doing anything that I pleased, I ended up meeting with a couple of friends that I had seen about 2 weeks ago. And we came across some yellow crystal that was pointing us the direction to a certain place of importance. Half the time it seemed like I was in control of the dream, and the other half it seemed like something else was tampering with it.

By the end of the dream there was some random person yelling right next to me; “INTRUDER ALERT INTRUDER ALERT” like a robotic siren. I tried slicing the person in half out of annoyance, but they just continued yelling that. At this point I finally woke up. For some reason this time I sensed this time that the force within my dream didn’t feel at all as if it was human.

So now I’m very curious am I being psychically attacked?
2.) Are these dreams occurring on the astral plane?
3.) Do I have to be careful what I do in them? Because I feel as if they do have significance and an effect on me.
4.) Aren’t you suppose to have FULL control when in a lucid dream, not it be a struggle?
5.) When I woke up again, I felt some sort of invisible grip around my body, and I literally was able to pull it off with my hands and felt it dissipating away from me. This is the 3rd time I’ve felt an energy grip around my body when I have woken up from a dream which has only happened ever since I started meditating and energy cleansing. Might I have some sort of parasite ‘latched’ onto me?
6.) Any suggestions as to what I should do, or insights as to what is going on? I have only been meditating now for a little over 3 months but I have already evoked Raphael about 3 days ago. And yesterday I evoked Haniel after speaking with Raphael, because my intent was to face whatever it was attacking me or invading my dreams from the days before and now this morning is what I have ended up with.

It’s all very surprising and now I’m thinking that both angels helped me this morning to show me they would be spiritual allies to me. And so that I would truly realize all this is very real and important to pay attention to. But as I said I’m very new to this so I’m now debating if I should just banish this annoying presence because, I’m more worried that it might not be just attacking, but possibly LEECHING off of me. >.<

Questions, concerns, comments, insight anybody?
Would be highly appreciated!

If you are worried about being attacked or even something feeding off of your energy you can do some simple protection aura type things to stop it.

I’ve already put up defense auras for keeping out things, as well as a physical defense aura. I’m not sure if it’s just stuff being brought to the surface and released from the past, but if it’s something already attached I feel as if it would likely need to be banished or cut off somehow don’t you think?

Lucid dreams are amazing eh!..they can also be downright confusing and over-symbolic at times, which can simply be a reflection of our tendency to ‘over think’ issues in our daily life at that moment in time. Although these dreams allow you to take control of yourself, you can still encounter entities and scenarios that appear to work independently?

I find that when ‘as you say’ we get attacked we are not really under thread as no force can take you over unless you allow it to. It is simply another layer of your personality trying to steer you, or teach you something that you’re not understanding yet. It is probably an astral spectre, which can arise because of conflicts and turmoil’s in your life that you are not facing or making use of just yet.

It tends to approach you aggressively because of its volatile nature but you will notice that it doesn’t scare you, it just makes you try and pay attention to what needs to be addressed in your life.

It could be something you truly desire ( hence you wake up with it still wrapped around you) suggesting that you wish to bring it fully into your life, or it wishes to be part of it?

You said that you are forming a good rapport with angels, ask them to guide you again to this force which wishes to keep coming back with you into your conscious world, and ask them to allow you to communicate with it to find out what it wants? This will dissolve the problem and also allow you to learn its message, not to mention it may neutralise parts within you that are preventing a materialisation of your intentions.

The ‘intruder alert’ is probably a place you are getting led to but are not allowed in just yet until you understand the above, and then you will be able to cross over into this area?

Okay yeah that’s a pretty interesting insight thank you. It’s interesting you say we aren’t actually under threat because yeah I wasn’t really afraid of what was going on in this dream, but I wasn’t sure if it could be dangerous or not. But yeah I like the suggestion of asking the angels for guidance with it because I noticed that they’re really good with that sort of thing, and I was debating if I should try to face it again, or just banish it.

But since it’s most likely just coming from within as you say, I could see why facing it and trying to figure out what it’s trying to convey could be beneficial and possibly remove innate mental blocks. Thanks, I’ll meditate a lot more today and speak with Raphael and Haniel.

A few of my opinions.

In my experience dream control and lucidity are linked but not identical. Conscious control requires lucidity, but lucidity does not guarantee perfect control without practice.

For example, I have experienced unconscious dream control. Spontaneously manipulating my dreams without becoming lucid due to continual focus on some types of daily ritual work, which significantly affected the dream states.

I have also had this happen when using a dream guide or teacher, who then appeared daily for a period of time, and I had vague dreams of learning significant things. And then it ended once I finally became conscious what I was being taught and learned what I needed to. This is another aspect of dream manipulation or control that is possible.

The invisible grip sensation probably is a remnant of sleep paralysis. Or possibly body muscle memory patterns that you’re becoming conscious of, which would indicate you’re becoming more aware of things that you had forgotten or suppressed in the past, and about to step beyond those unconscious limitations.

Hmm, well by lucidity I meant that I had realized that I was dreaming while I was asleep, so thereafter I decided to take control in a sense, not as in I was controlling the direction of the dream. But I was in full control of my body as in I could morph to any size, and jump from building to building, and materialize things that I found useful…

But yeah this morning I had yet another but very short dream in which I got sucker-punched by some crazy dude where they pulled me into their punch so I must have thought that the impact of the blow was enough to knock me out cause I remember closing my eyes and seeing stars and then I don’t remember anything from there. Which is interesting because I’ve never been knocked out before, but I have been sucker-punched in the past… I think I must have woken up and then gone right back to sleep because when I woke up again later this morning I had almost forgotten about that dream until I started thinking back and managed to remember it luckily…

I didn’t have any other dreams that I can recall besides that this morning, but yeah I just wanna be sure I’m not over analyzing or under-analyzing this in any way… It sounds like you’re both suggesting that I’m overcoming some sort of mental doubt about my true potential which is kind of exciting to hear about honestly.

But I’m curious how do you know this? Like how do you come to those conclusions? Is this something common that happens to people who are new to opening the chakras and discovering their purpose, or have you experienced this yourself?

Sorry to be so pokey and inquiring about this I’m not trying to sound annoying or rude I just wanna be completely sure as to how I should be dealing with this. Because I did ask Raphael to help me face what I was seeing yesterday but all I ended up with was that sucker-punch which definitely didn’t seem very pleasant. Lol, thanks so much for your replies and suggestions. I appreciate it and I hope to be able to get back to you in the future, it’s very interesting and I hope I’m able to get to the bottom of this soon.

When someone gives you a crafty punch like that in the face, it’s usually a wakeup call to stop acting deceitfull and start being true to yourself again?

A smack in the face means that you need to stop hiding behind your recent actions and face facts on something, especially if the person who hit you was yourself?

What have you been doing lately? Have you been trying to manipulate anyone? are you feeling guilty about something you did and you’re trying to hide it?

Dreams at times my friend can be a friggin nightmare…pardon the pun lol.

Well no not in particular actually, I have been actually trying to take a step back in life for a change because I’ve been dealing with the death of my mother since April 20th, so not until very recently have I felt a large amount of stress, depression, and tension from the past be released. For once I decided to take the summer off from work to focus on meditation and getting healthy and maintaining friendly relationships. I think that’s what really helped.

I think it could just stem from a fear of what could happen. If that’s the case, I think I know what I can do to make myself relax some more.

I usually post based on my own experience.

Common things happen in people who start learning and actually doing the work. Surprisingly regardless of the techniques or methods, there are common realizations that happen. Most of these are all revelations about themselves and the dropping away of limitations they thought they had.

Interesting interesting! Thanks so much, that makes me feel much better. :slight_smile: Now I’m even more excited to continue and release my limitations of the past.

Curious, if you don’t mind, what sort of dreams did you experience when you we’re starting out? And how did those turn out for you?

Sorry about your loss…

In a forum environment, it can be very difficult to try and interpret personal experiences such as dreams as I have no understanding for your daily activities and most importantly, your personal life. I don’t know you enough so all I can do is try to read between the lines and inevitably, a fracture will occur in the communication and the knowledge will get lost.

I am an occultist at heart but I have also spent years in psychology and dreams tend to bring out the psycho analyst in me as I have found that this is the best way to hear their messages. Many dreams are nothing more than repressed fears and desires so psychology is a good tool for assessment in these situations.

I know of a woman who is truly magnificent in her field with dream analysis and you can contact her here for a free reading, and also obtain her book (you can obtain a free sample of the book there). Christina Sponias is bloody amazing with dream interpretation! one of the best I’ve seen over the years.

Other dreams can also surface however, which are very spiritual and therefore, can be analysed through more occult methods such as OBE’s and spiritual guidance. I never use psychology myself as I place metaphysics way above it because it gives me more scope or potential if you like to play with. I only use it as a ‘screen’ in my normal life when someone wants an explanation as they tend to find it more acceptable than magic. I don’t even regard psychology as a science as I think it’s just a collection of intellectual concepts and ideas that people use as tools, much of it is subjective and therefore open to opinion and debate…so how the fuck can that be a science?

This is why I like the occult and magic as it gives me a deeper connection with life that offers more potential than any ‘set of rules’ which is nothing more than ‘social acceptance’ because the truth is, they don’t have any real answers? I know the occult is closer to quantum psychics than the average psychologist ever could be and QP does a good job on explaining the universe…but so does magic as the occult is the mother of all sciences, everything comes from this great abyss!

It all comes down to one thing my friend and that’s BELIEF. We build our lives around our beliefs because life is whatever we choose to believe it is. A belief is nothing more than anything you have accepted as the truth irrespective of whether or not it is the truth. This is what shapes your world, not science. So you can choose to belief in whatever you want in this world and this is what will then shape your reality accordingly.

It’s all good, it has been over a year ago now. And after months of meditation now, I feel much more content. And cool thanks, that makes sense we are only limited by our own beliefs so as long as we can let go of all that we had learned in the past we have infinite potential. I’m prepared to go down this rabbit hole for the rest of my life now and I plan on reporting my success in the future. I’m very glad to be a part of an amazing community with guides & fellow learners such as yourselves. Learning of the science of the higher frequency dimensions is quite the mystifying experience. :smiley:

  1. Doesn’t sound like you are being attacked. Nothing I recognize as an attack anyways.

  2. No. Don’t waste your time trying to define things.

3)No. The effect they have on you is you learn stuff. You can learn more effectively if you go at it balls out. Nothing to be afraid of. Nothing can hurt you but yourself, but you could be tricked into harming yourself.

4)The only thing you have full control of is your attention, where you place it and how much you put in one place. The dream responds to that.

  1. Possibly could have been something on you, but was likely sleep paralysis. There’s an almost endless array of weird things between waking and sleep. Don’t confuse them for real. What’s important is what you were doing with your attention while they were happening.

6)Meditation on it’s own is enough to get you lucid. It pulls your attention out of it’s habitual ruts, and really that’s all the act of becoming lucid is.

Until you familiarize yourself with how your focused attention effects your dreams, you can’t say for sure something was attacking you, you were probably attacking yourself.

First two rules of dream control:

  1. Everything requires your attention to exist
  2. The more attention you give something, the more related detail it creates.

You can use that to do anything in a dream. Google “Attention Schema theory” for a better idea on what’s happening.