Lucid dreaming of Asmodeus

I had a dream that Asmodeus looked at me and said I’m going to help you; however we spoke through empathy. I felt honored in the dream because he actually took time to think on how he was going to help me. I don’t know the intentions though. I am aware the knowledge of good and evil is a very evil concept because it can create deception. So am I really being helped or just deceived? Interesting enough I did not know of Asmodeus until the dream happened and he didn’t even tell me his name. He was tall, muscular and very sexy. The type I would want to cuddle with. The most interesting part of the dream was when we communicated through empathy because I had no control over my body. He then flipped the page and my whole perception was altered. We were one but he was in control. The presence was not evil but neutral, so I know this can go either way. I always fantasized of a dark entity that would screw everyone else over except for me because of something that happened when I was younger. I found comfort in the darkness, but now that I’m older I wonder how much further into the darkness I’m going. After all, I consider myself a free spirit, and most free spirited individuals love to travel. Because I did not Asmodeus so I do not understand his full purpose or intentions. I just want to know the special meaning behind him, the one less followed. I like to see the bright side in everything and I’d rather say thank you for being blessed with a rare dream as such. I don’t believe I’m the only one Asmodeus talks to telepathically, (For me, he speaks in a deep intellectual, metro sexual voice,) or has had an empathetic communication with. I believe we all have a unique story and we can learn more about our stories, or in this case personal experience with Asmodeus through each other. Thank you.

If you have a connection follow you interwishing

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Define interwishing please :grin: