Lucid dreaming help

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong here. Any lucid dreaming method I have tried over and over and over again just fails every time and I end up falling asleep without anything happening it’s really weird.

Am I not doing anything wrong and I just keep practicing or is there something you all think I’m missing here.

It’s kinda like that, you try and try and it can be months later you get your first obe. And then you can’t do it again, but the next month you get another… and then it’s two a month, and it gets better from there. Even the best like Michale Raduga don’t always get there, but a rate of 5 a week is up there.

You have to try every day though. And keep switching up methods in the same session to stay focused. You’ll fall asleep when you stay in one technique for too long. Also try to put your alarm on early and do it on waking instead of on sleeping.


I noticed I can astral projection waking easily. but it’s hard to lucid dream sleep. Which is weird

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Dream journal, do reality checks, do MILD from EtWoLD. The author’s a scientist and has taught many students to LD at will with MILD. Consistency is key.