Lucid dreaming experience

Hi, so I’ve had this experience a few times now. As soon as I realise I’m in a dream I jump to start flying. Then when I slowly start to fall I look towards the clouds to try and ascend towards them.
When I reach the clouds I feel like I always hit an invisible brick wall and there is always some kind of being there. When I try to speak to the being if I say the wrong thing I get immediately woken up, just makes me curious if there are some kind of passwords or something to ascend higher. Anyone able to share anything similar?

This was just mentioned in a video I was watching yesterday on lucid dreaming by Michael Raduga, a research specialist and author on the subject… this part 2 of 3 parts about staying in the state longer, and they have helped me control what they call “the phase” or astral/soul travelling.

It’s apparently very common that if beings appear in the space, and you didn’t call them, you will wake up or fall back asleep instead. He recommends not engaging with them at all, they’ve got nothing to do with you and distract from the reality you’re trying to maintain.

The rest is about expectations, and trying too hard. There’s really no reason you can’t go into space, floating or point to point relocating. Try refocusing on your goal and seeing yourself above the clouds to skip forwards past the trouble spot maybe?


It happened to me that I was walking through some city and suddenly I came to an invisible barrier, I couldn’t go any further, even though the picture continued.

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I’ve experienced this sort of thing as well, and it seems to come down to expectation/belief. If you know that you are dreaming, and you realize that means you can fly if you want to, then you will be able to do that very naturally. If you believe that you are still bound to the normal rules of material existence, then that expectation will define your experience.

I’ve sometimes gotten off the ground by making my mind think I was swimming cause that’s a similar sort of thing that I’ve experienced in waking life. That’s a trick that technically works, but what you really want to do is understand that you are dreaming and really know and believe that so that you are not shackled by material constraints in the dream state.

Your dream could have a message from the spirits, and it could also just be the case that you are still developing your dream skills so that you can stay in the dream state for longer without waking up. It’s magick so probably both.

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