Lucid dream, what’s the most magical dream you’ve ever had?

I was listening to binaural beats and fell asleep to it which I wanted. I remember waking up in my bed, looked to my left and saw three coffe muggs, two small and one big with what looked like frappuccino. For some damn reason I wanted to drink it even though the ice had melted and was probably warm by now. It was quite heavy since I could barely hold it and it spashed everywhere. I did drink it but I let it slip out of my mouth and I was somehow on the floor. I wanted to check what I looked like because it was dark and wanted to see what was on my mouth after that. I saw chocolate, so nothing weird about that?
Then I kind of woke up but fell asleep.
This time I was still in my room but my room had changed. My bed was switched with a table and my old furniture was in my room. I friend was in the room doing something with me and moments later there’s someone who looks like me in the opposite side of her. Anyone knows what that means?
Later I remember that I had control of what I wanted to do and my ”dumbass” wanted to have sex like usual but I changed it and remembered that I wanted to talk to Lucifer. I asked him to come and someone did come. Don’t know if that was him or not.
Woke up again but fell asleep shortly after.
I remember being in a very large room with people and my friend gave me chocolate to eat and I did.
Does that mean anything?

What happens next is I’m trying to find Lucifer and somehow was outside in the woods. I saw two guys walking and I ran to hide for some reason. I closed my eyes incase something scary was gonna come down to look at me and sure enough something big as hell was looking at me but didn’t do anything. When it was done I came out and I saw a guy and a dog.
He was Lucifer to me in that dream.

We both ran to find shelter because all around us was like a mythical creature apocolypse. I was going away from the dream (waking up) and asked him if he could help me hold it longer which he did.

I remember holding his very agressive dog and asked him what the dogs real form was. I just knew it wasn’t really a dog and he told me the name argos.

Do anyone have any information on that name or just have any information about the meaning of my dream?

Earlier when I had other dreams I remember a dark figure with a sword and he killed someone with it infront of my eyes. What’s the meaning of that?

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