Lucid dream - using existing dream characters as evocation base

I had a series of lucid dreams last night where my focus was on exploring the nature and uses of the characters in the dream. I had already concluded from earlier dreams that in 99% of the cases these personas have no energetic or mental link to their real counterparts, and that created a shift of mind for me where they became useful assets instead of real people.

As I am always interested in evocation and the mutation and creation of consciousness, I started to have this crazy Matrix-like idea that the higher life form (the agent) could inhabit the already constructed lower life form (the dreaming character). And so I went into the dream with the intent to have one of the spirits I work intimately with not just inhabit such a body but also reform it to their image.

In one of the dreams I was capable of morphing the entire body of a dream persona multiple times but never got the spirit to manifest in it. That dream was a short one and after a good six or so morphings it became unstable and I eventually woke up. The latter lucid dream had me trying to manifest from nothing since there was no one around. I cannot share the experience entirely because it got very personal and demands a lot of back info into my experiences and the guidance I receive, but to not leave you with nothing: I was able to manifest multiple manifestation hosts without a base component to work from (unless light counts). Unfortunately a severe intervention happened which cut the experience short, but regardless the concept has proven very powerful.

So I’m curious, any experienced dreamers on BALG tried anything in this vein?


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I’ve found myself in similar scenarios while attempting to have shared dreams. I get what seems to be a dream character version of my target, but how to get the real person in that shell? Never had any luck with it trying to make it happen like that.

Interesting experiment. Perhaps the vessels just weren’t capable of holding what you wanted to fill them with.

The good thing about dreams is you never fail until you stop trying. Perhaps performing a ritual within the dream with/on your dream characters will help things along.

Could you describe what was happening during the morphing?

The question that rises in my mind when it comes to wanting to insert other people from the waking experience is whether you will not always get a less lucid version, after all, they are asleep and it is likely their dreaming self is not developed. It creates interesting question as to whether a construction of person you know creates a lesser lucid expression of them (basically drawing part of their consciousness into your dream) or a simple dream character that looks and feels real but has no link to them whatsoever. Of course for Magickal purposes either could be used, but the first would be much more effective. Perhaps something I will experiment with, but right now I’m not at all done with creating bases for spirits.

I’m actually pretty sure I can get it to work, I don’t think the vessel needs a certain configuration to “hold” anything, more that since it was the first time I created such a container and wanting to actually evoke into it I was bound to hit a roadblock at some point. Not to mention that in my 2nd attempt the concept was perhaps much more important than me succeeding, I now know I can create the most complex constructions at will. Without the intervention I spoke of I likely would have succeeded, but I needed it to grasp a piece of an important puzzle.

I’ve done morphing on dream characters (or my dream body) where I would change subtle facial features such as enlarging the lips, create less of a nose etc. These changes I could see morphing into existence like a slider in a video-game would work, real time up and down scaling up until the point I thought “perfect”.

In the dreams I mentioned the effect was rather different, as I was not trying to shift body A into body B by sculpting the features, I simply wanted to use the energy of that body to instantly shift into the desired body. This created subtle flashed in which the first body would disappear and a second one would appear, properly constructed and rather pleasing to the eye but never being the form I wanted it to be for the spirit. The creation of the body from scratch was largely the same, even though for some reason in the dream I constructed it from light, drawing it from whatever sources were around me into a egg-like form and shifting that into the body, also no real sculpting, just instant manifestation. But here also I could not stop the shifting from body to body to stop at the desired end result, but the intervention in the end has taught me why that is.

That is a really cool concept Yuri. Im trying to develop a skill like that but im not too consistent with my lucidness in my dreams yet. Someone gave me a tip around here that the next time I was to become aware in my dreams set up a circle and try to reach theta/gamma synch, and repeat that until a full ritual can be crafted. I would love to give some feed back on that but…all I can say is that I am noticing improvement in my skill level.

Weird experience that kinda relates to this…then other night I fell asleep and no dream occured I just sort of came online. Stayed in my body and slowly became aware and sort of conscious. Then my body morphed into some metallic goo stuff. It was me with what appeared to be a melted mirror coated around my body. Pretty cool considering it seemed like I stuck a stick in my vision (like how you would mix two different paint colors) and swirled it around. But it was my vision. Really interesting experience. It was like I could have crafted anything I wanted but wasnt lucid enough to come to that decision.

These things are a bit harder to explore if you’re not sure you can set some time up and have few lucid sessions in a night. If you feel you’ll only get one chance every so often then I definitely agree to setting up a ritual that mirrors a physical evocation. Earlier in my dreaming work I had experimented with this, but because I too had too little control over when I got to be lucid I shifted into other areas of exploration quickly after.

What I did was use a gatekeeper ritual in which various spirits are called upon to open specific gates. I did this for a couple of reasons. In waking life I found that while such rituals would sometimes start out lackluster by the time the final gate was reached I would have strong indications that energy had shifted, inside and around me. I also knew from experience that anything that works in real life is exponentially more powerful in the dream, and generally much easier to accomplish. Lastly I knew that I would not have many shots or even much time to do this come lucidity, so the choice to memorize something into infinity seemed a wise one. I didn’t just embed the words, the visualizations and energetic sensations were also ingrained into my memory as best I could.

Long story short, the one chance I got to try it I screwed up the gate keeper calling because I could not get beyond gate four, my memory failed me. I just hit a wall and could also feel the energy for dreaming was going critically low (I think my disappointment was sucking a lot of it up). By my side though was shadowy figure that could be seen but also felt, becoming clearer with each gate passed, as if my intent for evocation was known and the gates were used as the permission slip to enter my dream. You can imagine how pissed off I was when I woke up that night :wink:

I wouldn’t bother too much with the mental state, in dreams you are not in your physical body so a gnosis like approach is not neccesary. Slowing down and relaxing is useful, losing the fear of the dream collapsing and dropping the temptation to be free and look around. If evocation is your goal sit down somewhere cosy and prepare to do that and that only would be my advice, and get that into your mind long before you go lucid.

Your morphing experience sounds potent. I’ve had a few as well, sometimes I would wake up hovering over my body in a strange energetic form where a presence there was giving me instructions or explaining complicated concepts. Other times I could feel work being done on my energetic self. The problem is that like you I was often not lucid enough to activate that non-passive component of my mind. When I approach lucid dreaming through sleep meditation and set it up properly however this problem is nearly non-existent.

Did you get anything out of yours beyond a good experience? I’ve found that even if we are not able to conclude much on the spot there seems to always be something to take home in the end.

evocation in my dreams really isnt a goal beyond something to reach for when I become lucid. When I go lucid I never remember what I can do in such environment. Its always like a Oh Snap! here I am awake in my dreams then get excited and try to figure out how I can further grow from the experience. If I had more experience, I wouldnt set up an altar and try to evoke something right off the bat. The goal is to acheive a higher level of consciousness while in dream scape. Kinda like the movie Inception. But my goal is to go deeper and learn more about my higherself where I can have the choice of integrating that experience in normal waking consciousness.

My last lucid dream left me with a little taste of what its like to wake up in one world and back to this without losing consciousness. I liked it and havent had one like that in a month or two.

However, I have been working on a pretty legit dream recall. Maybe two/three nights a week I DONT remember my dreams. That number is diminishing as my journal progresses.

As my morphing experience goes. It was a definately an eye opener. Even though I was in and out of consciouness I still got a lot out of it. A few weeks ago I took a nap on my couch and I was in a similar situation but I tried to move energy from my crown to my root chakras, but it was painful. Like gritting my teeth organs hurting kind of painful. So I stopped and forgot about dream work and started upping my astanga yoga and meditation and forgetting about chakras and just letting it happen, so to speak.then started back on my chakras and a little sacred geometry exploration and then bam. I got that morphing experience. From that perspective, yeah I got something out of it. From understanding what the hell it was, is pretty questionable outside of identifying it as and “energy” work experience.

Also, when I do get lucid or have an experience like above I sweat like crazy. Is that normal? Or is that something I should watch out for?

Sorry King, totally missed this one for some reason. You’re right that evocation shouldn’t be your main concern off the bat, it is one of those things that comes into view when you have some more certainty as to when the next lucid dream comes into view. The problem with dreams is that there is absurdly much you can work with, not only are the options near limitless, the mind is also much more creative since it is open to suggestions from it’s higher self (and later in direct contact with). In that regard trying to get a higher quality of lucidity seems like a good option for you, keep at it.

The thing with energy work like you describe is that it is generally a guided experience, and like you already said yourself you need to let it happen (which is hard because once we enter those states we tend to want to see what every button does). From our human point of view these things are often rather abstract and vague, yet I’ve found that having them every once in a while can really boost the rate at which certain doors open for you.

It is funny you mention becoming warm during dreaming, I tend to grab an extra blanket sometimes because my body goes into a sleepy death-like mode long before dreaming starts. If you’re in very deep sleep after a few hours though you do tend to warm up again, especially if you dream about physical or mentally straining activity or get excited a lot. Maybe that’s your sweet spot in dreaming? Some activities require some time before the energetic body is fully prepared for it, before that you might make certain shifts on the edge of your capacity but the transition will be unstable, short or in some cases like yours slightly less comfortable due to bodily sensations bleeding into the experience.

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Bump this old thread.
Does anyone have tips for getting into this.
I dream journal and recall. Its interesting to theorize what dream characters mean.
Idk if i can do an evocation at the same time…

Hmm no but it’s interesting because I somewhat agree, there’s no real tie to the bodies in your dreams and their real person, but sometimes…there is. Sometimes dead spirits show up in their form thst I knew, sometimes dreams are literal representations to get a message or point across or to make you aware of something that person is doing… things like that.

When I dream walk, I’ve noticed that my target is usually dreaming about me and I walk up and replace myself though. Or my ubi jumps into my dream and takes the nearest body.

It’s kind of weird actually, and I manage to do it more unintentionally than on purpose/ which is why it stood out me. In one particular instance I walked up to where I was watching myself converse with the target and thought something like wow, why is it always so awkward standing here till the fake me dissipates and why does it take so long

I’ve also had entities take the form of people I knew distantly to prevent me either becoming scared (in the past) or to prevent me from be startled awake at the sudden character change (recently)

I’d have to read the op again to see exactly what they were trying to accomplish in the end, since it’s 5 am but off hand I’m not sure how evoking into one of these npcs helps you, or makes it easier to dream evoke or whatever.

But then I’ve never intentionally evoked in a dream, I’ve done things like demand portals to take me to another persons dream and change the wall color to see if I had control of the dream, but I’ve never attempted to do magic in dreams. I do tend to think we can effect things through dreams- but on a different level than the waking, so my dream work is either a check out from reality, to influence a specific targets subconsciously/ make contact with them to cause them to dream something specific or as a gateway to other places. (I do think it’s easier to project however, than it is to get out of the personal dream scape)


What’s ubi?

I think this is awesome that you can separate out yourself into 3rd view and wait for the dream projection self to dissipate.

I will have to try this out for myself. This theory seems to stand out for me. We can influence the subconscious influences more.

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That’s a neutral term for succubi/incubi. Since they can shift from one to the other if they want.

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