Lucid dream meditation nightmare

So I can’t fucking sleep and I’m scared to.
Ok the first couple nights this was fine meditating to feel better and be healthy and all -3rd time ( tonight) I had a nightmare. In my dream my son told me he was scared and it smelled like fire or something burning . I quickly got sage I had under my sink and heard my daughter in their room still screaming (2 yrs old) it felt like forever getting to her and opening the door. And I saw an actual DEOMON holding her hurting her more worse but scared me to think about. I felt scared I woke up hot sweating and before I fell asleep I remember I wasn’t able to talk or move and I must’ve fell asleep while panicking. Thought I was dreaming . I was doing these meditations so I can experience good feeling and happy thoughts but now I’m just scared and freaked out something bad is going to happen . as if it’s a warning idk
I spent lots of money on books to learn .been studying . everyone I can’t stress enough how so dedicated and ready and motivated I’ve been. Like nothing would’ve stopped me and no one could’ve convinced me other wise. But I’ve never had sleep paralysis I’m assuming that’s what it is and been so scared in my life. I have never invoked or done any summonings just meditation and somewhat a bit of AP with guides. So Idk has anyone had a bad thing and continue and things were gone or do you guys agree there is more and I should stop ? I just want to hear your guys advice on all of this and if anyone had anything similar


It sounds to me like you fell into sleep paralysis, which in my opinion is a million times worse than a nightmare at first. You feel like you can’t breathe because your body is still in the REM paralytic sleep which decreases your breath and heart rate. You can perceive pieces of the world around you because your mind is unfortunately awake.

I suffered with it for years, often with a shadow person looming just out of sight.image

That’s kinda a representation of the fear and pressure on the chest.

The only thing I’ve found to help exit it, is to transcend into the astral plane/lucid dream state. It’s a huge process but is definitely worth studying and giving it a shot if the issue persists.

That article covers it pretty well.


Thank you. And so I’m assuming there is no kind of banishing spells or cleanse that will make this shadow person go away?

Not that I’ve ever felt the need to use. I have a fairly strict non banishment philosophy when off my plane though. I always strive for coexistence over manipulation which I don’t advise for most but it’s best for my energy.

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Is it just the one time this has happened? I am very sorry that you went through what sounds like a very frightening experience.

Sleep paralysis can be a horrible thing, from personal experience. I’ve always been prone to extremely vivid dreams ever since I was very young. Lucid dreaming came naturally to me as did the ability to astral project (in later life). When I was 15 I suffered from a few instances of sleep paralysis which were very frightening for me. I had never had sleep paralysis before this point in my life and I have only had it twice since (I am now 30). I could see my bedroom around me but something about it just felt wrong. Everything seemed unnaturally dark and, try as I might, I could not move my arms in order to get out of bed. The room seemed unnaturally dark.

It sounds as if you too may have experiences this unpleasant phenomenon. Hopefully it will not recur.

It happened once like 10 months ago in a old apt but this time I had my daughters dad right next to me and still I couldn’t say ANYTHING I tried using my feet to kick him to wake up it was so hard! And I just thought I fell asleep but no . It was awful I’m shaky like I know I had this before but there was never a nightmare with it. I feel like it’s still on me or something my energy my body is buzzing right not or in my room wherever I walk too.

I felt that way too but idk there is bad vibe in my room still I walked in every room and it feel like the buzzing is coming from me it feels heavy. I don’t want to go back to sleep I feel like its just waiting for the opportunity again

Unfortunately our minds default to panic at the dark ominous feeling they emit. Accepting their presence, let alone becoming comfortable enough to transcend the physical form into a lucid dream state can be overwhelmingly difficult.

Hence why having a non banishment policy can be somewhat impossible.

My biggest advice is the sleep you get. Melatonin and ambian have notoriously made it not only difficult to transcend but also make the duration longer, and THC although remedies nightmares seemingly increased my chances of sleep paralysis.

What kind of energy source do you lean towards?

Good spirits and angels but I’ll be honest, I have Been thinking of calling Lucifer for protection I heard such great things about him in these forums. How he makes you feel safe and calm and …yeah just overall amazing and I don’t think their is and angel I could call that sounds as amazing and helpful as Lucifer. I’d love to have him be able to clear my mind and make me feel safe and bug me at ease. I was reading in my books today how ppl find demons more helpful than angels how “angels just give lip of paths to righteousness”. I feel like gave whatever is my room what it wanted and still it’s waiting . It out is hand on my arm and I froze . I thought nothing was able to physically touch us

I don’t mess with aetheric/angelic spectrum. I’m avoidant of their cost. But I’m sure many have good interactions with them. Sorry I can’t be of more help on the matter! Good luck!

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I think you stimulated some subconscious blockages that’s stubborn to clear out! It is related to fear which caused you to wake up in your REM cycle! And that fear attract shadow people… my advice is don’t let it take over your life!
Use the Core affirmation from psychic self-defense by Robert Bruce:
I am loved and I am worthy.
I am safe and I am free.
I am powerfully protected.
I am master of my body and ruler of my mind.
Repeating this daily before and after bed. It helps making you fearless in your sleep.
If you have a pet let it sleep in your room! My cats seems to be able to banish and protect me when I wake up in a REM cycle and afraid! I have seen them hiss and attack intruders on the astral!!
Calling Lucifer when you are in sleep paralysis is also a good idea! He is gentle dealing with us! I called him couple of times and he just held my hand and pulled me somewhere else! Was awesome everytime!


I had a lucid dream one night and i don’t remember exactly all of it but i remeber some spirit of some sort lurking in the dream trying to scare me i did my best to stand my ground. I entered a large room in an old big house i saw a large stair and on the othere flor this spirit whas talking to me in strange ways trying to scare me i belive.

I feelt like the one comming closer and closer realy unplesant energy. I did not inow what to do but i turned around and thought of Michael and i started vibrate his name several times i could feel the extreme vibration comming out of my voice. I started feeling the hole surrounding started to change violently like a storm and thunders all over.

Then i feelt a precens i did not se him but i feelt safe and protected.

I turned around looking up in the upper floor again and i could here the voice of the one bothering me started to go away like being forced away.

Thats all. :slight_smile: