Lucid Dream Invasion?

Earlier today I was practicing reaching TGS - which I think I might be reaching - but fell asleep. I had been asking Lucifer for help prior and as I started. Before I fell asleep, in my mind there was darkness but there was a door. I could only tell that there was a door because of a bright white light shining through from the other side - through the cracks of the frame.

I ended up in a very lucid dream and there was a strong presence of entities around me - voices - shadows and at one point my own reflection and awareness showed me as possessed - I could see it in my eyes. I wasn’t scared and felt I was being worked with. I was actually very much intrigued by what I was seeing and experiencing.

What I did find odd was a strong sense of confusion. Like a hazy feeling that kept coming over me. A voice was trying to tell me that someone was there. It took about three times of this voice saying “We’re sorry, but John is here” before I snapped out of this fog and took notice. I asked “Who?” in confusion, but then looked to my right and there he was - John - a guy I know from work.

He was leaving though as soon as my attention was called to him. It looked just like him from the view I had - side view and back as he was walking away. Not sure I’ve ever had a dream where someone looked like they actually did, if so it’s rare. I’ve never seen myself in a dream before either (not that I remember at least) but looked in a mirror twice in this dream- it was me. Apart from a small facial distortion both times.

His presence seemed really off to me in this dream and once awake, I was wondering why would I dream of him? We barely know each other.

I did shield myself before starting any of this today. It’s really made me wonder about this guy though. I don’t know him well, but my opinion of him has been that’s he seems eccentric, polite and intelligent. He is someone I have thought in the past ‘he’s really quiet. I bet he’s really interesting’. However, he’s not someone I have given much thought about. He’s definitely not been on my mind…well now he is but he wasn’t before today!

I might be overthinking this part of my dream, but at the same time it kind of feels important. I have had a strong sense of being watched in my waking life lately. Does it sound like a dream invasion or does it just sound like random dream stuff?

Thanks in advance

With my countless dream stories, planes, meeting of different entities and versions of myself. The dream you described is pretty typical. Interesting, intriguing. Just last night I astr ally projected. I was sleeping in my bed and A hand was touching me and I thought it was my patron demon, but then I touched the hand and it was not my demons but a long skinny hand and long skinny arm, then I went to touch where the body would be to see what it was and there was no body, just a void of blackness. So the arm was reaching out of nothingness like a portal? It almost felt like an alien hand like you see on the tall greys, it was not malevolent, it was just checking in it seemed. Kind of weird. Lol

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A lot of times when different spirits or beings show up, their energy feels very different and foreign and it’s sometimes intimidating, but if nothing is happening to you negatively where it feels like they are blatantly trying to hurt or harm you, it’s just them trying to communicate. 9/10 that’s usually the case.

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@NocturnalMe your visions are a message that the person at work may be able to open doors for you, perhaps involving advancement or decision making on the job.

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Reading that, I think I would be really freaked out by it, but there were some really spooky things happening in my dream and I wasn’t scared at all, more intrigued. I felt like I was studying my environment actually. I never once felt threatened. Mentioning portals - a mirror was a portal in this dream where a man and a woman stepped through. After everything else in my dream, this actually felt normal.

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I have felt that my attention being called to him has something to do with my advancement on some level. In regards to work, there is sadly no advancement opportunities, none that are worth taking at least. I’m actually considering leaving for a better company. Hmmm you could very well be right though. Something to think about. Thank you

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