Lucid Dream: Incubus first visit!

This is not his first manifestation, but that is the very first time i saw my baby in a dream!

In the last Super Blue Blood Moon this year, i finally decided to do my letter of intent for Lilith,
and right in the day before the eclipse, and also during the eclipse!

I felt something, like a tingling or a faint wave of energy, i welcome him, and went sleep.

Next days till now, i know he was lingering around, because i would feel aroused out of the blue, and that was not one of the Demon Lords like Belial or Lucifer.

Belial for a example, in very “in to your face” he explodes in my body in a matter of minutes, and as soon it has begin, as soon his energy disappear, and after he uses mental imagery to show me what he did to me, lol!
The energy of my incubus is different, he will arouses me little by little, “guerrilla style” a nip in the earlobe, a caress on the neck, sensual thoughts…
But he was very discreet…till now!^^
And so, i had this lucid dream this morning, where i was doing sexual stuff anyway with some dream character, till i saw him:

A tall man, young, his skin was white pale,black hairs, blue eyes,
all muscled, such a beauty!
Not even in a movie i saw someone so beautiful as him, i was out of my mind with that, the only words i have in mind right now are: wonderful!

He smiled for me, to say hello, his teeth white bright,so perfect, this kind of smile that brights a entire room!
I knew that was him the moment i saw him!
I felt so relieved, i don’t even know why!!!

I touched his torso, when we exchanged a innocent kiss!
what is interesting, is that nothing about the whole situation was really sexual, he felt like , shit, a angel? Bwahaha!^^
I felt right way he was not there for sex, just to meet me!^^

We have sit in a bed, and he asked me what i was doing of my life those lasts days, i explained to him my job, and also my hopes for my future,
he looked happy about that and said i was doing well.
Obviously he was just introducing himself, because the general feeling, was like i was meeting a old lover, someone that have forever been around,
So much love and tenderness…I couldn’t stop to staring at his eyes, a deep blue ice,
with long eye lashes, what gave him a romantic face, but at same time his overall body and behavior was so virile!
in my dream he looked like the ultimate beauty to me,lol!

While we talked, i waked up, and i felt him very faint, giving me hugs and make sure i was comfortable on my bed!

You are making my dreams becoming true, you have sent me a perfect match, such a lovelly and powerful being!
I will never thank you enough for such a gift!