Lucid dream gone bad

I just now had a pretty weird experience. Didn’t know where to post it. I’ve been lucid dreaming since I was a teen and this wasn’t a nightmare gone lucid but a lucid dream becoming an out of my control nightmare. I’m well aware that your unconscious can manifest bad stuff when lucid dreaming but this wasn’t that. I have had that happen before but I found ways to deal with that. This felt like someone hijacked my lucid dream.

I was lucid dreaming and suddenly I found myself in a different scene, inside a glass box that was filling up with water fast, I was in some sort of round chamber like in a castle or temple. I saw cloaked men in a circle around me. I was well aware I was dreaming but I wasn’t able to assert control. I tried to manifest something completely out of context, an irritating happy song (hollaback girl :laughing:) but it sounded all far away and distorted and didn’t change anything. The water came higher and higher until I started drowning and I felt my chest cramping and it hurted so bad. I thought to myself, this is how seemingly healthy young people suddenly die in their sleep, I’m gonna be one of those people, I can really die. Brilliant thought. That’s when I really panicked. Next thing I know the glass explodes. I start to crawl while gasping for air and realize both my feet are chained to the floor. The people that were surrounding me come slowly closer and I’m trying so hard to assert control and when they almost reach me I am suddenly flying away from them and realize I turned into my spirit animal the magpie. I’m flying in circles above them desperately looking for a way out of the chamber, trying to manifest a way out. Suddenly a tiny little window appears, I go through and wake up.

But that wasn’t it, I didn’t actually wake up, I ended up in loop and each time I “woke up” a cloaked man would be in my bedroom coming toward me. Now the weirdest part, after “waking up” for the 4th time he finally reached me and then kissed my forehead and I woke up for real that time. When he leaned over I smelled musk. I know because it’s one of my favourite fragrances in the world. This is the weirdest thing ever happened when lucid dreaming and I know it wasn’t my unconscious. Someone was constantly fighting me for control. Was this an attack? I know you can enter people’s dreams. I have done it. But to battle someone for control in their hijacked lucid dream is something that has never happened to me before. Please some insights, thank you.


Sounds like some kind of test by a spirit who wants to work with you (Belial in particular is known for this).


No this is not an attack but a vision regarding a problem you are trying to solve. The vision of being inside a glass box might indicate you are trying to hide away but can’t as the box is see through glass and you are surrounded by robed men, you are attempting to hide something from others associated with stopping something in your life.

Because of the water filling in the box and drowning depicts fear of being overwhelmed by difficult emotions or anxieties, or fear the future. When you survive the drowning, it indicates a relationship or situation will ultimately survive the turmoil.

Finally escaping the water filled box and than find your chained can represent strong emotions and forces in your life that are holding you back.

There is some heavy negativity in your life that you are trying to escape and you wish to break free and sever the bonds but are finding it extremely difficult.


You have no idea how accurate this is. I am literally escaping and in hiding atm. Thank you, it all makes perfect sense. So it was my subconscious? Or a vision send to me? I’ve made a pact with Belial a while ago to help me with that situation and physically it’s behind me and doing wonderful on all fronts but emotionally it’s been hard. I need to work on that.


My opinion is this a vision sent directly to your mind from a deity wishing to make contact with you, using symbols to communicate and advising you on your situation and the probable outcome.

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Thank you very much. :waxing_gibbous_moon: