Lucid Dream a shortcut to learning soul travel?

I just bought the soul travel course a couple days ago and have not had any results as of yet. I can however enter lucid dreams very easily. In the dream I can stop it and return to the (real world). On the surface this appears to be soul travel and from what I read it is possible. I have not tested this because I cannot travel to my body or even my apartment without thinking about my body and getting snapped back in. I still need to test weather or not I am traveling in real time, either I forget to set up a way to test or I just waste too much time flying around and my evil alarm clock f***s up my experience.

Anyways my question is, If I am indeed soul traveling from my lucid dream is that a good way to learn to soul travel?

I know its not optimal because the goal is to be able soul travel at will and not need a lucid dream or even sleep to do it. But since it is easier to do now, should I learn to soul travel from the lucid dream while working on entering properly or would that be a crutch and therefor make the proper way harder or impossible to learn?

Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


That’s funny, I had to cut myself off from lucid flying for awhile, because I’d do nothing but fly all over until I woke or lost lucidity.

I honestly don’t see a difference between the two. You get people that says it feels different, but that’s too subjective in my opinion. They feel the same to me, and more importantly, control works the same.

The OBE scenario is a fluke where you bypass they hypnogogic stage. Usually hypnogogics act as a primitive seed which grows into a full fledged dream. When you skip the hypnogogic stage, you still need a seed, so the dream defaults to the last thing you were aware of, being in your room.

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Yes and yes and it’s good for practice.