Luceferian Hangover

Hi All.

Recently, I have been meditating upon Lucifer’s sigil in an attempt to bring about certain changes in my life (as well as magickal ascent).

While gazing at the sigil, I definitely get a strong sense of energy and heavier TGS than any other sigil I have worked with before. Now that the sigil is charged, I feel a shift in my consciousness and vision almost as soon as I begin to gaze at it.

I always work with the sigil last thing at night, and the energy seems to linger on after finishing. The problem is the next day I feel totally wiped out. Just a complete lack of energy, and general ‘flu-like’ physical symptoms (muzzy head etc.).

Does anyone else experience these type of symptoms after working with Lucifer, or other spirits? Can someone explain what is going on, and if there are any useful remedies/antidote’s?

Many thanks,


When Lucifer leaves, you start to feel tired and sleepy. Everybody that has honestly worked with Lucifer will tell you that. But you eventually get used to it.

Sometimes, Lucy stays with me for entire days lol…

I haven’t worked with Lucifer yet but have gotten similar experiences with demonic kings. It will be hard to focus my thoughts coherently and I’ll have a severe lack of motivation and energy in general. It usually last a day or so but no flu like symptoms (coughing, sneexing)unless you count the all around shitty feeling.

Thanks for the advice. Its reassuring to know these are normal experiences. BTW, when I mentioned flu-like symptoms I was not talking coughing or sneezing etc…just a drained of energy, generally shitty feeling.

I had the same feeling the first like week I worked with Belial. It was very draining. All I could do was go to bed early and hope to feel more energetic in the morning. After a while I got used to his energy thanks to one of his underlings attuning me to Belial. Maybe you could see if Lucifer has an underling that does that.

Orismen, if only I could actually see or hear the entities I work with, then I would ask if Lucifer has a suitable underling!