LSD for astral travel?

Anyone think this is a good idea for contacting entities? Or shrooms, similarly.


Absolutely go with shrooms 100%.
Acid is great recreationally, but is too forceful and uncontrollable for what you’re doing imo.
Psycilocibe is far smoother and more directional.


Mushrooms were used especially in Mexico, they were swallowed as a sacrament to contact to world of Gods. The substance within were isolated by Hoffman of Sandoz, (The father of LSD) and its named psilocybin , something very similar to LSD. LSD is an inorganic compound made at labs, and as for mushrooms they are more organic.

They are drugs at the end and you may do well in their absence too. What they do is to trick your brain and increase the magnitude of emotions but also believed that they (especially true for mushrooms) are able to change your vibrations and energy composition somehow, and that in turn may help for a deeper evocation.

Former Harvard lecturer Dr. Timothy Leary (famous for the motto “Turn on, tune in, drop out”) He has once claimed that after tasting these mushrooms, he had learned more about psychology compared to preceding sixteen years of education.

I agree with @Jpj if you will trip with something especially for evocation, mushrooms are better for that purpose at least they are organic :wink:

But as said they are drugs and if you have never tripped with any of them be cautious about possible side effects. (bad trip, blood pressure etc.)

Good luck :slight_smile:

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They can be useful. I never cared much for the side effects. I can deal with the weakness, chills, and drunken feeling. But the nausea is something else.

From personal experience, I find LSD is gentler than shrooms which is like a harsh teacher that will show you things while LSD will allow you to experiment more.

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Leary was using lsd not shrooms and when he spoke about 16 years worth of knowledge he was referring to Lsd about not shrooms… not to say he never did shrooms

No unfortunately you are completely wrong here, sure mostly he was using LSD but I have a video, in which he 's stating exatly that he had used mushrooms, seven mushrooms indeed he says. :slight_smile:

I do not think that this is so important but for you probably is -as a knowledgeseeker- maybe you 've seen that as a important mistake, thank you for warning me , so if you wanna check the validity of my statement, please find the documentary “_The substance of Albert Hoffman’ s LSD (2017)”_there at 41 : 11 min. you will hear it for yourself that Larry used mushroom -seven mushrooms- exactly.

Anyway, the documentary is a real good one.

Drugs can be effective, but unreliable. I’d go with shrooms if if I had to choose between Psilocybe and Lsd. In truth I’ll stick to Amanita for shamanic use and weed for very rare recreational use. Though the possibilities of Salvia Divinorum DO intrigue me, I will not indulge my curiosity without a strong watcher and not in my house.


LSD makes me panic and vomit, so I’m wary here.

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Psilocybin is great for theraputic things and actually one time i was triggering the unleash of my Shadow-self while the mushrooms tried to restrain it. It was such a struggle. Felt I am being swalloed forever in the void.

LSD works on your reason and logic, all the answers of existence i got with LSD.


A friend of mine astrally time travelled with DMT. She didn’t change anything but she observed the past. I had a good journey with DMT. Showed me a lot about myself


I don’t think the past exists. And i don’t think it is possible to time travel to the past. Nor future.

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I feel like lsd and shrooms both make you more receptive and might open up your psychic senses a bit, at least temporarily, but I honestly wouldn’t recommend using them for rituals or astral travel while actually on them just because I would imagine that it could be hard to tell what’s real and what isn’t. Before I got deeper into the occult, I ate a bunch of shrooms once and was just kinda laying on my ex’s bed watching his ceiling fan go around, and as I stared at it, it turned into this big portal in the ceiling and an eye came out and blinked at me at the peak of my trip. I swear if that happened during astral projection, I don’t think I would have been able to tell if it was a legit experience or just the drugs.