LRP with Metatron above and Sandalphon below (saw it in an Echols book)

I am pretty sure I read in a Damien Echols book that he invokes/banishes in the LRP just like everyone else but then he puts Metatron above and Sandalphon below.
I know some witches who call on the elements or directions and then also add the Sky above and Earth below, so it isn’t unheard of but my question is this:

If I want to do this do I need to make an invoking or banishing pentagram above and below? Do I need Divine names to speak after creation of the pentagram?

I don’t have his book with me and I don’t remember reading it. I assume I would just use the Divine Names associated with Kether and Malkuth or is that wrong?

What is going on with this (I have not read this anywhere else and nearly everyone writes about the LRP) and if I do want to add it do I need the pentagrams and Names?
(I am pretty sure he did not have them, but I can’t remember)
Can someone kind of explain this.
Thank you

I recently listened to Echols as he preformed his version of LBRP, he did not draw pentagrams above or below, he also therefor didn’t vibrate corresponding god-names.
However, I know In the HOGD’s ritual for opening a temple using the “rosy cross” have mention of drawing the Rosa Crucian seal above and below. So I would assume the theoretical application could be likewise implemented.
However I could be wrong.

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No, there are no pentagrams drawn or god names used for above or below in Echols’ version of the LBRP. You just vibrate the angels’ names. The pentagrams are only at the four quarters.


As @DarkestKnight said, there is no extra pentagrams, if you read the newest book of Echols “Angels and Archangels: A Magician’s Guide” there is more explanation, Metatron and Sandalphon are connected with Malkuth and Kether therefore below and above of Tree of Life, so there is no need for elemental pentagrams.

There are some witchcraft versions of LRP or castings of circle where you draw 6 pentagrams, but it is more connected with watchers than elemental kingdoms. If you would like to experiment I would suggest as more reasonable to trace hexagrams above and below, to stay more in touch with general idea behind LRP.

Also I highly recommend newest book about “Golden Dawn Magic” by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero. There is lot of nice excercises to improve LRP and more details about why things are the way they are.

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