Lower Vibrational Entities what they want and how to remove them for good

So i don’t know if it has been discussed yet or not , but im really curious about them ,
Lately i really feel this heaviness and out of nowhere stresses around me , blockages in progression in my entire life and career , total none sense arguments and misunderstandings with parents even on the matters that we both agree on ! and so on .
I mean these things were always happening but before these days it never accured to me that there must be some other reason instead of being just an unlucky person from birth lol

I also am a very good tarot reader i mean im very good at the meanings and definations and interprations but its been more than three years that almost none of my readings are becoming correct , i get different and unrelated answers to my questions on almost everything! i feel it myself when i try to draw out the cards , i feel like no , none of the cards are blinking anymore ! I dont get the energy enough and i feel that its not gonna work and it wont work!

I heard somewhere that these creatures will suck the energy of those who have higher energy levels and they feed on them ,
So am i a victim right now? Whats the real way to remove them for good ?

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I think this might help you;


I was a victim of negative attachments and only got relief after a psychic surgeon removed them from my etheric field