Lower chakras

Something i have been trying to research, but the most i can find are brief descriptions. does anyone know how to open these chakras?

 Patala in the soles of the feet,
 Mahatala in the feet,
 Rasatala in the ankles,
 Talatala in the calves,
 Sutala in the knees,
 Vitala in the thighs,
 Atala in the hips.

I made a post quoting this here: http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/curses-and-hexes/controlling-emotion-becoming-angry/msg30759/#msg30759

I think they’re real, valid, but a whole “new age” thinks their Muladhara aka Base chakra is in their feet, coz in the diagram of someone sitting in lotus position, that’s where it’s at… maybe they’re all just murderers… whatever. :wink:

I think I would benefit greatly from a theoretical waffle right now. With cream and cinnamon. Maybe some strawberries, too…