LOW smoke/odor charcoal incense rounds... do they exist?

Im trying to find incense charcoal that does not emit noxious odors, nor billow smoke. Im having trouble doing this.

I understand that “self-igniting” charcoal can have a lot more odor than non, but almost everything I look at is “self-igniting”.

Im almost thinking about breaking apart a basic charcoal briquette for the grill, sizing it to the bottom of the censor, and lighting it with a jet lighter. Honestly I was expecting incense charcoal to be at least the same quality as a giant bag of grilling charcoal (which Ive never smelled an odor from, and have NEVER seen billow smoke), but it doesnt seem to be that way…

Experimented a little bit with heating the base of the censor under a candle to melt the myrrh resin, which just smells amazing, but am having a lot of trouble maintaining the required heat inside the censor, even with a glass lid on top.

I feel a relatively cleanly burning charcoal round would just be easier.

Any suggestions?

I just thought about an old wax melter I had that I had forgotten about and stopped using because it always began to boil the wax in the dish and splatter it all over the place. It still had wax in it even.

After heating it and draining it into another candle, it seems this ceramic wax melter is rather good at heating myrrh resin to a point where it begins to melt and calmly smoke. Where it clearly failed as a wax melter, it seems to be rather good as a resin melter.

Could stand to be a little hotter still though. Maybe Ill make something out of clay thatll be more heat trapping.

Don’t ever burn regular BBQ grill charcoal in the house, it is not the same as the incense burning charcoal and you will suffocate or die of carbon monoxide poisoning, unless you can open every window in your house and leave them open for a few hours afterward but even then the the gases fom the charcoal still need a way to escape so unless you have a sky light that opens up, there would always be some poisonous gases trapped in your ceiling towards the roof or attic (if you have one).

So stick with the mini briquettes that are made for incense burning or hookah pipe smoking, those are made slightly different but even some of those can be bad for you if used continually with no way to ventilate the smoke and gases outside.