Low magick

In order to meet some basic needs in maslow scale. I need to perform some spells.
Any low magick spell grimoire avaible ?


You used the words “Maslow scale”, so you’ve earned my favour. There are already many posts for simple low magic. Make sure to use the forum search function.

However, let me point you towards sigil magic. I think you’ll find some answers there!


That being said,
the quickest,
however a little bold,
approach would be:

Look for any spirit that alignes with what you seek to accomplish /(the goal hasn’t been stated here,
so i can’t suggest a specific one for you),
invoke it,
and ask it to cast through your body.

You don’t need to allow constant possession,
but you can use that mechanism,
to temporarely boost your magickal powers.

avoid underestemating the spirit you call into yourself,
because you’ll end up doing that most propably.

And only call a spirit into you,
with having a sensation of trust there.

Conflicting Minds don’t cooperate well.




Thank you all for your correspondances.
However, I am wondering if goetia practice is low magick. And let us assume for exemple for sake of argument that i want to increase my influence and dominion over people, let us assume that in high magick i could call forth Mars intelligence and spirit and change my energetic make up in order to grow in counsciousness and becoming more dominant over people. But in low magick i noticed that some spells can boost your agressevity and also there are some goetia spirits that can afford similar effects if well treated and well evoked correctly in the laws of art. So can we combine them both ? Will we take the risk of being short circuited in an energetic way ? Or combining both may be more efficient and deep in the way of the transformation considered.

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What you said is true. However, whether a spirit can work well while another spell is affecting things, depends on the spirit.

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Any grimoire of money spells with some kind of credibility

You can actually find many such spell in the forum. Make sure you use the search fuction.
As for a specific grimoire, I’m not really sure.