Low back pain

That little sacra joint in the right quadrant of my lower back is now causing strain in the gluts as well as general pain. I only hope for a scan or angelic healing, nothing more.
If I can do anything for anybody let me know? I can read tarot but am best with scrying for my divination’s. Thanks.

Metatron bless you all. :innocent: :rose::bacon: (yes bacon solves everything… almost lol)


That blows. I sympathize. I’m not the best at healing, but I can share what has helped me with that. I have had surgeries on S1 up through L3, and the only things that helped me in the immediate sense were an inversion bed and very gentle stretching of my glutes to hamstrings. Heavy meditation can help un-dumb your brain from the damage the pain does. This is very important because we have actually found that chronic pain makes your brain function poorly, especially with cognitive functions and deep thinking.

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Thank you for sharing this information… I do meditate but not long enough most times only 5-10 mins or watch a video for same purpose which is usually better as it makes me sit for that long. Lol. Stretching I do daily and self massage which is invaluable too. I have a lumbar pillow but I have to rotate it out, sit flat for some time as well as using that pillow for the low back, so the sacra stays stable, otherwise it shifts too far to the left or something. Not good. I don’t know but I think I may need surgery or manipulation to fix it or both. Not there yet. I’ll have to speak with the doc to get the best advise, but I keep procrastinating that scenario. My bad. I hate the idea of surgery but this isn’t getting better by itself so, yeah. I hear you about the pain, some days there is zero, and I feel blessed but on the the days I do something or too much around house and its back again, even sitting too long aggros this. Oh well. Thanks again.