Lover back

hello family. am very curious to paste this topic. i really need help to bring my lover back please great occultists help me bring her back i really love her and i cant bare the pains again please

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why no

We’ve had multiple threads on the subject. If you search “get ex back” you’ll likely find a thread that holds the method of achieving your goal

Because I have no idea who you are. Your existence does not mean anything to me.

i have tried many but no achievement


this type of stuff never ends well, love spells and the like


Well, then there are three possiblities:

1.) You are focused too on the pain of her absence, which is causing you to lust for your results, which hinders all workings.

2.) She is not interested and you do not have the means of overriding free will (not that most would want to)

3.) It was not meant to be more than sweet moments in life to enjoy, not become attached to

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well, he could trump her free will, through a love spell

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Depending on how it is done, touche. Not all love spells work like that, although many certainly try to. Usually ends badly, as you stated.

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of course, usually ends in the person becoming obsessive and dangerous


i just need her back

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Well. Are you ready to solve your problems by yourself?

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ave begged her many times but no avail so i need a magic spell

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$50,000 is my fee for this working. PM me for bank account details.

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It’s not good to force women into anything , try Osiris for helpful advice , He can also direct you to a new lover

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I used this and it really helped with bringing an ex back.

Hopefully it helps you too :hibiscus:


Have you done any divination?

This forum isn’t a Wizards-R-Us shopping network. We don’t do magick for free, except on rare occasions in emergency situations, or when someone is feeling generous and offers their time to members.

Your love life is not an emergency situation, so we are far more inclined to troubleshoot your own rituals and help you do it yourself, than we are to do it for you.

Please realise that your situation is not unique. We get people coming here every week who want to get their ex back. Doing a spell for you would set a very bad precedent and we’d be deluged with people expecting us to do the same thing for them.