Loved one under attack

Hello everyone I’m reaching out here because I need your help my fiance who I love very much I believe has some serious sprit attachment I’ve tried doing banishing I’ve called upon spirits to help guide her we even moved she literally refuses to meditate get into any ritual even tho she talks about it she always finds some kind of excuse to avoid and it’s not intentionally but it’s like she not taking anything seriously and always complaining and just angry I tell her to try grounding hers self I’ve even been looking into vampirism so I can drain that negitve energy and heal her but I’m running out of time I feel like for patience I don’t want our relationship to fail because I know with out a doubt spirits that I won’t say brought us together she has trouble sleeping all the time say she feels constantly tired or even sick she trys to blame it on me at times saying I’m doing to many rituals and the energy is to high so I even cut down on that but it’s still the same when I try to give her any magical advice it a instant mood swing and I just don’t know anymore again I don’t want to leave her what should I do any one who would like to just send some healing energy her way would be greatly appreciated I wont give her identity away so if you would like simply put out into the universe to heal the fiance of my name here on the form or any advice you may have I could do my self to help the situation


Spirit attachments cause that for sure. The spirit (parasites) feeds off that kind of energy from the individual and makes them feel powerless.

There is a solar banishing technique on the forum. Learn that.

Peitiiton Archangel Michael, a God of destruction or the Most High to remove it.

Play this for her.

Also uncrossing baths help.

If none of this help at all, she may need to see a Shaman or someone who is more experienced but this does help immensely


Though not intentionally, it sounds like she’s actively undermining or self sabotaging any help. Imo, that’s your biggest problem here.

She has to decide to let go of the attachment and assert her authority to be rid of it.

Her not doing so essentially leaves the door open and gives the attachment a foothold.


Thank you

I’m very aware of the reality of that just makes no sense she claims to be so connected with satan I love her you know but at the same time I have to protect myself if this continues thier may come a day where in my ascent I’ll have to leave yeah I’d be sad but I won’t let anything stop me


Whats her name? If you feel safe doing so, send me a PM and I will try to scan her.