I am not allowed to do baneful acts now. All I am able to bring myself to do is good things, good wishes, good reason. I serve myself still, but I know that everything I am doing for myself is for the good of the light that I shine for the guidance and healing of others. If I am confronted with opposition, I am enraged only by the grace of oneness to leave them in a haze of grace, a foggy light to blind them from themselves as evil begets evil… And I laf.

I have reached a level where I can only project joy for the love of all that is the source of this bliss I have been so blessed as to experience… How could I disgrace such a light with a stain of hate?

I have touched a peace of love… I am infected with poisonous compassion… My daemon is melting… My demn is mltng…



Killing with kindness works to. :+1:

Glad that you are feeling at peace.


That’s what I mean. Setting in motion blessings that work against your enemy.


Blessings to you!

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Really, since when is love against anything? Love gives life to all. Everyone has a dark side, just depends on what you give attention to but I understand. I’m in that boat too.


Is this a cry for help?

I can send some beasties your way to ignite your fire again :grin::sunglasses:


It’s more like I’ve seen what true demonic power equals out to in thee end, and it’s not worth it. True power is in your own heart and mind. Once you reach a certain level of self mastery/Kundalini awakening, you just have to let go of attachments, which are demonic, reason, whitchis dimmonik.

Thee only true power in all of this is love.

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I agree. Personal power is better than borrowed power.

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Lol @Mapachtli :joy::joy::joy:

@Mapachtli If this remark is aimed at me… then I say… go bugger off. :stuck_out_tongue: :kissing_heart::smiling_imp:

No i suspect it is at OP who just last month wanted to castrate himself for Cthulhu.

I’m glad to see his senses have improved but remember going balls deep one way or the other isn’t good. Just because trying to drown yourself in one path doesn’t seem to work doesn’t mean drowning yourself in another is better.

You need to learn how to balance them both.

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Hmmm k to each his own I guess. Never pays to go off the deep end of anything in this life. Nope.

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It’s called polarization magic, diving into the deep end of one side and flying high into thee other… Pushing the boundaries of emotion, extremism on all fronts, full personality spectrum dominance. Control over ones most rafical nature’s comes from embracing to the fullest all aspects of this experience, now. There are many pendulums swinging every which way. I may express my feelings on one side of the matter when thee interpretation from another one of my perceptive faculties may give a whole other impression.

Playing the roles, acting the part, changing costumes… It’s all part of the mastery of symbols.

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I do understand the concept however what you describe here in your reply is not what you talk about in your original post. You talk (once again) about absolutes. That idea is just that, an idea, nothing more.

What is good and what is not? I know Magicians who use Baneful workings to heal Diseases.

The light itself is a by product of Darkness and can not penetrate deep enough to cure, it is a band-aid. Our bodies are not made of light but matter and darkness.

Again, what is evil? It is subjective.

I agree too much Hate is not a good thing, but repression of ANY emotion is not a good thing. Assimilation and utilization of emotions works far better and can heal.

Again, nothing wrong with working through your path and discovering, more power to you, seriously. Your initial post is very borderline Zealotish which is a cage that sinks underwater, far from learning and ascension.

Once again you refer to it in Good and Evil terms, Black and White, absolutes.
It is diving deep either way you go.

I would agree but i remember your other posts, and that was NOT “control over ones most rafical nature.” You do not control but loose control. Sometimes it’s necessary true but not to self mutilation.

Hopefully you can acquire a balance before you kill yourself.

I see you @Atinama. Well done.

It’s funny how backwards our culture has gotten. Everyone is always welcome to vibrate downward. We bitch and complain and dwell on our pretend problems. We’ve turned stagnant material misery into the only acceptable state of mind.

Nothing fucks people up more than you feeling great when they think you should feel shitty. Keep it up.

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Whoever renamed my post chose a shitty fucking title.