Love vs sex

Idk why Wiccan books have spells for love (including someone specific), but not for just sex. I’m not talking about anything extreme. Just inciting an interest. Forcing someone to feel romantic love just seems more manipulative than inciting a physical interest in someone, especially if that person was open to it. I know playing with someone’s emotions magically can be dangerous, but if anything would be added to a grimiore, sexual desire would seem to be the better choice.

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They’re both rapey in my opinion. If someone isn’t attracted to you either make yourself more attractive or find someone else.

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And as an added bonus, I think the whole “focus on one person” mentality is kinda stupid. “Love makes us do crazy things.” Like lose sense of one’s self in an awkward potentially one sided obsession with someone. So it’s not only rapey, but a sign of weakness. Plus, you never know if that person would be as interesting as you would’ve thought.

And btw, I’m not advocating for forcing someone to have sex with you. Just the use of magic to attract a sexual partner. Or at least that was what I intended.

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I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.