Love troubles

So, I am always having huge issues manifesting for myself, but I can manifest perfectly for others. I’ve been trying to gain a relationship with a specific type for a while, and I’ve used many different spells and outlets for manifestation, nothing has truly worked.

I either need someone willing to perform a rite of attraction, or a basic consultation regarding my issue. Thanks!


heres what i did.

first i sense what the person wants and simply make an energetic subtle copy of yourself and put it on the person’s mind.

next step you actually become who you need to be (the person on her mind) and the person that you want,having a perfect balance of these selves and merging them into a new persona but i suggest you to be sure becuase you really need to change yourself for an another.

its not a specific person though. its a specific type.

Have you tries glamour spells for confidence and being more attractive to others? Sometimes the basics go far.

yes I have, they haven’t gotten me anywhere. :unamused:

Hmm what type of person are you trying to attract? Is your problem you are always “friendzoned”?


type of lover?i believe that you can do the same.

Man you just named my problem. I gave it up :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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my problem is that I am completely ignored or even demonized by most. Makes sense considering I live in a very christian oriented area.



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maybe be more charismatic?

i live in a similar stituation but being more charismatic and gave no fucks solved most of hte problems.


If you are “friendzoned” you need to stop always being their for them, girls tend to view that as weakness but take advantage of it. Basically don’t give them extra attention.

For really beautiful girls, ignore them and maybe hit on their friend. (They are used the attention and wonder why they aren’t getting it and will try to win you over).



Use that to your advantage, girls like “bad boy” and don’t overly hit on them.

Part of the appeal of “bad boys” is they could careless and it feels like an honor once they pay attention.


I agree with that, but first there needs to be girls of my type in abundance. I already know the communication and manipulation techniques, I have nowhere to really honestly apply them.

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That’s a big reason why people move when they are single to find more mates and meet people in general. I love my middle of nowhere but I’ve been relationship for a really long time.

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@Brand_New It’s my character that’s the problem.

But you have a good point. Once I know that they have a boyfriend I behave differently and chances are there.

Also from the sounds of it the girls you are interested in don’t go out as much as they would, because it is “lame” and spend too much time meeting people online.

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Girls don’t really ever want date anyone they “friendzoned” at best after a breakup you are the rebound.

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I prefer punk of all types, so yeah you’re definitely correct at that assumption.

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What you could do @Nolan_Toney is ask a Daemon like Lilith for help. And she is not only for lust. She helps you work on yourself too.

I have some Angelic spells too. But you are more on the LHP I presume. I am somewhere in the middle.