Love ~ the most powerful force in the Universe?

I invite all of You to respectful and polite discussion. What love means to You? How did You felt when You experienced true love first time? What types or kinds of love do You believe to be the strongest and the most heart-fulfilling? Love for a partner? A parent, or sibling? A friend? An animal? Maybe a love to Spirits, Elementals, or Mother Nature? How do You incorporate love in Your magick works and rituals? Do You use it for healing? For manifestation? Protection of loved ones, or maybe self-help? I invite all of You, from all the paths and faiths to share Your experiences with this, in my oppinion, the most powerful force in the Universe
Much Love :revolving_hearts:

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Love is the law, love under will


Remember hate is just as powerful. It is the opposite of love.


‘What you call Hate is nothing. My Love is All, and only when I take it away you’ll know the taste of it.’
(Something I wrote once)

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Love is something that will fade away within time when the spark is gone
Hormones start to act up aggressively during the first few years and then it fades away little by little sadly…

The strongest love is between a mother and a child i believe



Love is the energetic band aid of the universe , heals all things


While I don’t believe love is the most “powerful” force in the Universe, honestly I find the concept disgusting when trying to make a single emotion or product of the mind a powerful force. Any form of love can be of great use to the individual, what kind of love it’s a plethora of them, neither “stronger” than the other as each person will interpret said love differently or equally.

The love I have for my bf, or my mother, while different in concept they’re equal in how much I care. But neither are compared to any universal force. Some people’s mothers don’t even love them, some people find better in their father or siblings or cousins.


It depends on who You speak with :wink:

Indeed… Honestly, the most harmful thing a mother can do to her own child is not loving them- everything else comes after. Even if not the abuse… I have a friend whose mother used to lock him in the closet when he was 3, just so she could scream at her new guy etc. He once told me that when he was 4 and accidentally bumped into her, while they were both walking in opposite directions, she pushed him to the ground and started beating his face with his own shoe… Disgusting whore… Idk how one can hate one’s little child so much without reason… I’m glad that he is safe now from this abusive whore…

I love my family, my friends, although within my family I don’t love my dad lol, atleast not in the same way. I do have this natural care for him, but it’s like caring for what happens to a person you constantly see in passing. As I child he would sometimes burn me with his cigarette and laugh about it, among other things.


thats fucked up

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I don’t know… I mean, love can change to hate and indifference under the right circumstances.


What about a father and a child?


Love is the energetic force of attraction.

From what I’ve seen the human form of love is a small piece of what the totality is, even though some people get so swept up in the human one that they can’t break out of it, the “quicksand” aspect of love acting on itself is how I perceive it.

Other forms of love I’ve encountered are primordial love, which is a force of attraction to a particular outcome or “destiny” of an entity, best displayed by cronus and the comets that crushed the dinosaurs.

‘Animal’ love, which is the basis of reptilian species love and the undercurrent of human love, a more detached variety which is best displayed in the animals instinctual rearing of children, with the detachment showing in the guinea pigs tendency to eat their young when frightened and other such behavior by animals, including humans.

When it comes to attachment, within these 3 I find that from greatest to least it goes from human>animal>primordial.

The human emphasis on attachment may be why humans are so prone to falling for the “quicksand” effect of love, since humans tend to accidentally pull their perceptions and self identity into it.

There are a lot of other kinds but I feel like these are the ones people will have the most experience with.


Yes when you grow up most fathers dont show their love but deep down they really care and love their child more than the mother

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My brothers kids love him more than their mom lol, back then I think most men were kind of “real men dont show affection” type. I could be wrong.

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:broken_heart: I’m not suprised. Your father was a dictionary definition of dickass… I am sure You deserved much better, bro :broken_heart:

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I would say that love is the most powerful energy and emotion there is. Why? Here’s a few reasons to why:

  • Love can be a great motivator to accomplish any goals in life.
  • Love gives purpose to life and value of the individual.
  • Love, in combination with other emotions and energies, makes it even more powerful.

The more uncommon combination of selfless love is a more common occurrence from spirits rather than from humans, with exceptions of course.

Love can also be very protective and can cause other secondary emotions, making the love current extremely powerful. This quote is a perfect example for that:

“Stronger than lover’s love is lover’s hate. Incurable, in each, the wounds they make.” — Euripides

It’s not easy to love and to be loved these days, and I can understand why some of us don’t see it as something potent or powerful, even if I don’t agree with that notion.


Your commend reminded me of a scene of a passing of my elderly female lizard that I will never forget. When she way laying on the ground of their terrarium, dying from old age, her much younger mate came up to her (it was on the opposite side of the terrarium) and lied on her, so that he could feel her heartbeat. He stayed like that near her… with her… until she died… I swear humans who claim that animals don’t have feelings, or soul, either never had one in their lives, or were simply too consumed doing their own stuff that they forget that no being’s mind is alike… Elves love differently than humans… Humans differently than dogs or cats… Reptiles differently from amphibians and mammals, even insects love and show affection in their own way. I have read a heartbreaking story about a swarm of bees who would always visit their dead owner’s grave to mourn his death… Nature is far more complicated than we all give it credit for :wink::gift_heart:

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My dad does. Way more than my mother. Many agree he’s the better parent.