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Do you think it’s possible to find a lover that could be a sexual vehicle for connection to the Unseen / Other side? And that the dynamic of the relationship itself could mean guidance to the Unseen? Almost like a familiar / daemonic fetch?

I have karmic debt (16) in this lifetime and am recognizing major themes related to my relationship that’s moving very fast but it’s almost like it’s meant to be this way. We have only managed to achieve good things together and have the blessings of her family who can be tough to please.

Though I did a pact to Lucifer in January, and invoke that being for wisdom, the relationship itself is illuminating all of my personal wounds and limitations - issues related to commitment, honesty, hard work, warmth and maturity with family and community

I can’t help but feel that I’ve met my twin flame through using Shiva mantra and witchcraft to achieve the goal of this. Either twin or she is my Daemonic guide.

I’d be careful with that. This could easily lead to pedestalizing your significant other in an unhealthy way.

Whatever she is, she’s still a flesh and blood human with flaws just like the rest of us. Don’t let your mind be clouded in a way that might cause disappointment or grief later.

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I don’t really think the divine marriage is all that sexual, there’s so much more going on, and that energy is included but isn’t the whole story, so the sexual part is more metaphorical and symbolic than literal.
The Knights Templar practiced this, (I’ve just been learning about it from the author and historian Freddy Silva) and were (are) basically marrying (merging with) divine wisdom… personified in the western mystery schools (based in Gnosticism I think?) as Sophia.

However this was not an individual female being, it was divine wisdom itself. So I would say, no, anything that involves another individuated entity is a red herring and a distraction from the work. You’re better off keeping up with the Lucifer work I think, that seems closer to the divine in this aspect and more what you’re looking for and it’s already paying off, if it ain’t broke… give it a chance, it’s only been a few months and you’ve hardly started, you’re still clearing blocks, which is vital but haven’t seen what else it’ll do yet.

I can’t speak to the twin flame thing, I get the concept but I don’t think everybody splits in to two, masculine and feminine entities to incarnate, as I seem not to have, and for a long time this caused me to pooh pooh the idea as new age fluff, but maybe it just not in my sphere. @Mind_Seeker20 Based on what we talked about before I thought you mind have some insight on this one? :thinking:


I view the twin “flame” as a literal twin soul not as a soul split in two. I don’t really see it as automatically romantic or “the one”. Can be like any other relationship, even hate. Although you would be on the exact “wavelength” (maybe not the best word to describe it). My knowledge is limited too.

OP, this is more an experiment idea on my part, but I’ve made a “twin flame” sigil (although I used twin soul as a more accurate description) to open as you would any other spirit sigil. You could try this if you really think you’ve met your twin flame. I’ve had some interesting experiences from this myself.

The “spirit” I did make contact with told me two things one “you are not ready for a relationship, I am” (brutal but was true at that point in time) and “I am apart of you, as you are of me”. Now technically we are all apart of each other as we are all apart of source, but I think she meant it alittle differently. You can interpret that anyway you like - I have. From the context of the lucid dream I had after opening the sigil, I was in front of a mirror when she said that. So I view the twin “flame” role as more of a mirror of myself. But that might be also unique to my relationship dynamic with her.

I do not see the twin flame relationship as the “true one” or as a “romance”. From my relationship with her, it can be brutal. Example, she left me after telling me I wasn’t ready for a relationship with her EVEN though I wanted one (at this point I still had the romance idea of the twin flame thing, so maybe this was why)…and then when we did make more contact, it was more like her litterly shoving me into the depths of my subconscious to face my fears…

Also my contact with her has been more on and off. It’s not a once we met we have been together forever type of BS. More like she’s been in the background and making me do the work I needed to. Maybe also our own unique dynamic…but not the romantic love, more like tough love

These have just been my experiences with the whole “twin flame”. Take it as you will.


Valid advice everyone!

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