Love spells

Is there anyone who is skilled at love spells here? If so send me a message. Of course I’ll make it worth your while.

Try tis, the grimoire of b. Love spells. Amazon kindle, and his dark love spells. By Raymundo rodriguez. Great ebooks. He has 1 too. In amazon kindle free

I got results,

I mean I want someone to do it for me, I’ve attempted love spells before but I barely have time to practice.

Its a lot of scams outhere, honestly. From $200,to 2000.its suks its why i recommend tis ebooks bcse its real. And got good spells rituals. Bindings etc. And get a spellcasrer ask 4 reference. But honestly only a few real magicians will do tat, love magic is top secret. And depends in cases of distance. Relation, kids etc

Or bindings, giid luck. But it take 20 mnts 4 a spell. Lots of choices. And cheaper. Best wishes

It takes 20 months for a spell?! Do you know of anyone who is legit that’s done a successful spell for a few people?

Check out j.s. garret’s work. He seems to be legit

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20 minutes to cast a spell. And not really. Recommend anyone, i post once a while here. Its why i recomen books. Easy, cheap and get practice. Good luck dude.

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Members are not allowed to sell services on the forum. If you really want someone to do a love spell for you, I recommend you check out

if you truly desire the result of a love spell, then you should be willing to pay the price.

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And equally …