Love spells work but sometimes they seem like they don’t

so i was sitting here thinking about how a love spell could effect the target, like how different people manifest. some targets come back immediately, some targets turn resentful, some targets do the opposite of what you want them to do, blah blah.

i realized that nothing is a sign that your spell is not working and we should try to look at it like it is working because it probably is. we don’t know what’s going on internally. we make assumptions based off of what we see here in the physical world. something could be effecting someone greatly but people are able to put on masks to hide what is going on inside. i believe magic works and i also believe magic can take a good amount of time to manifest because we are trying to force another person, that has their own free will, to rip off their mask! and essentially bend to our will. that type of stuff takes time and its easy to get discouraged by your work because it could take a long time to show ‘signs’ that it is working.

for example: you’re trying to get an ex back but they’re with someone else. you do a bunch of come to me spells and break up spells but they’re still together. in fact, your target is posting the person they’re with now. why would this happen if you casted a spell to break them up? now it seems like they’re better than ever.

well, my theory is- your target is obviously fighting the spell. maybe they’re having thoughts of you now but they feel guilty because they’re with another person. they’re probably very confused by these feelings so they try to suppress them. they probably actually do like the person they’re with and they probably are happy with them so we are working to bend this persons will and change their emotions!! anyway, maybe they do ‘extra’ things for the person they’re with now because they’re fighting it. they post about them, take them somewhere nice, buy them something. maybe they do it publicly to try to give you a ‘hey i’m moved on and happy’ message or maybe they’re doing it without knowing that you know at all.

we should always assume that our magic is working. magic takes the route of least resistance. just because things SEEM or APPEAR to be getting worse, you don’t know what’s really going on internally. we should always just assume that magic is working as it should and that our target will come shortly.

that was just an example of how a love spell could be working but seems like its not. i really hope what i’m trying to say and explain makes sense and also encourages you to always have a positive mindset after casting. what you see physically for awhile won’t matter because things can take time to manifest. have faith, have patience, and have a positive mindset. believe in your power and things will come to fruition.


Fr things take years to manifest like houses so love spells can take a month with no evidence

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Can you explain some of the success you’ve had with love spells? :slight_smile:

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That actually makes a lot of sense. Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks for your words!
But…how long do I need to wait till this love spell has a manifestation? I had one love spell four months ago, without any success. Who do I need to ask for this after Amon?

Being under a love spell is horrible, when I was under one I didn’t feel like my brain was working right and it felt foggy. I couldn’t think normally around them, make good decisions and felt empty.

I’m so glad it is gone.

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with you practicing magic as well, how did you fight the spell? or were you not practicing at the time?

I wasn’t practicing really then, realizing what he was doing caused me to wake up, and the demons kept trying to get me to get away from him. Then I became confused about a lot of things, but it took about a month of uncrossing baths on and off, egg cleanses, and amulets to rid myself of all the spells.

During that time he decided to play some mind games convinced mutual “friends” he was just helping me I was crazy etc…

Either way right now he isn’t in a good place and is back to where he belongs.

It was a mess I was stupid and normally never open myself up that much to stuff like that but I spent a year being sick and was weak.


Love spells to me, are extremely immoral when done with the intent of obsession instead of respect and your post is a good example of why. Zombifying someone isn’t loving them. It’s owning them. Which is an entirely different ball game, and while I won’t actively chastise others for choosing that game over the ever flippant love one, I will say that mistaking it for love is a mistake and can become rather dangerous for both parties. Someone’s brain has to work right, otherwise heads will roll. It isn’t pretty.


Beautifully said. I believe this wholeheartedly. I had some major things happen today by letting go and believing. I haven’t cast a spell in weeks. I started meditating and feeling the end result. It’s powerful and it works. I’m happy for you!


i also forget to mention that GRATITUDE is extremely important. this is something i have been lack and i apologize to the spirits i’ve worked with for not being grateful enough!! any LITTLE positive thing that happens, even if you think its a ‘coincidence’, is not a coincidence and you should thank whoever you are working with.

i do this too… something positive will happen but i will still focus on what i’m lacking because i don’t have patience and therefore i’m not grateful for whats been given to me. demons, angels, spirits, whoever you work with do not owe you anything at the end of the day. if its been 21 days and the ex that went from saying fuck you is now messaging you and being friendly- YOU SHOULD SHOW SO MUCH THANKS! do not dwell on not fully manifesting because the spirits shall giveth and they shall take it right the fuck back if you don’t show gratitude.

i just wanted to add that because thats an important tip that i don’t think is emphasized enough.


Yes indeed. Gratitude is essential. May I PM you for help with spirits? I’ve done it before unintentionally, but not by my work, I think. Thanks in advance, ariesangel.

honestly i’m still a beginner myself so i don’t really have any tips or pointers for you. everything i’ve learned is through this forum honestly! it has all the answers and if you can’t find an answer, ask a question and someone will reply with their answer! :slight_smile: best of luck to you xx i’m always here for support and encouragement!

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@ariesangel thank you for creating this topic, I struggle a lot in terms of thinking positive and you are right we must always think positive and let go, my mistake is after casting spell I would still spy on my ex and when seeing the person out and happy I will start to doubt the work done. Which probably delays the result and sometime causes blockages.
I done one spell with naamah which probably didn’t give me the results I wanted due to the way I was thinking and now I have done spell with Astaroth who advised me to take my mind off the person but it’s still hard to do lol. But I’m trying and your post here has helped. I guess getting a reading once ina while is no harm but we should let the spirits do the work and listen to them. I hope everyone here gets what they are working for :pray:t2:

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Thank you for this topic. But if the other Person fights the sp lol…does that mean it will eventually work?

In my case, I got a lot of People Teilung me my ex is Highly manipulated…Maybe the new One Even Casted a stell on him…so i want to help him and Break them up…because we had a good Relation ship and just starten more Future Plans.

And also…do all love spells work? How to know which ones we should try? Where do you get the „real“ love spells?