Love spells to help rekindle love and smoothen things out?

Me and my girlfriend and been in a rough patch these last few weeks and I may be even months we have our moments but the past month has been especially rough. We haven’t seen each other much and our conversation are dry. Everytime I go to call her it seems like a chore sometimes when I’m with her or talking the negative doubt and thoughts will go away but most of the time if I ignore the situation I won’t think the bad thoughts. She’s been very hot and cold but never warm and hostile. No intentionally but consistent enough that I no longer have been relying on her to help me through my days. We haven’t been acting our true selves and it shows. We just had a good conversation and I explained this to her but she seems pretty unsure as to what the underlying cause is to her change. I can’t exactly out my finger on it either but i know I want her back on my team and to be able to confidentially call her instead of being in fear we may argue and instead opt to not contact her.

Call Sallos.

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Always Sallos❤️

Positive thoughts for positive outcome. Meditation on self-love , forgiveness of the past with her and on love between you both, send her love. Those meditation techniques work greatly if it is your true desire. :slight_smile: