Love Spells ~ How to make them work

So first of all don’t be afraid to do it yourself.

Secondly, stop trying to get your ex back. Unless your will is stronger than their will. It’s not happening.
I would recommend a spell to bring your twin flame to you. Which may or may not be your ex. Get over it. Something way better could be just around the corner.
Third, if you do it yourself the dollar tree is your friend. Especially, this time of year with Valentine’s day just around the corner.
They have heart candles, candles, cute craft jars, and tons of lovey stuff with hearts :two_hearts: and love on them.

I’ve been on a huge honey :honey_pot: kick lately.
So I’m thinking of adding honey to my spells of love. Along with an apple :apple:.
Roses are always a nice touch.
Think about the colors you use
As red is for love but also war. Though, you could use that for firey :fire: passion. And great sex.

Pink is gonna give you a nice soft and true love.

Think about what your looking for in a mate and lover and focus on that.

Love is the air :sparkling_heart::rose::revolving_hearts::kiss::love_letter::ring::cupid::heartpulse:


My astral lover visited me this morning and this song was playing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Dollar stores are my magickal mother-ship :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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Yes!!! I love the dollar store, dollar tree, they are wonderful places. Also, goodwill and yard sales. They are treasue troves. :heart:

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Between Wal-Mart and dollar store trip the other day i came back with dried hibiscus, avocado leaves, raw cinnamon, a few 7 day candles, mojo bag fabric, big bottle of star anise, 9ct 25mL glass bottles, and a whole vanilla bean for less than $30. It’s witch heaven.

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I like to get my altar clothes from wal mart they generally have some fabric already cut for a yard and that pretty well covers it. You can get different designs and stuff and they are only a dollar.

I went to the dollar tree over the weekend and bought all kinds of goodies for love spells. Not sure what I will use them for yet. But I couldnt resist. I love candles so I had to buy those :joy:
Plus some other fun love stuff.

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