Love spells and mind power

If we can affect others at a distance mentally, then that means that we can do things to others that we do to ourselves. For example, if you mentally vibrate each of your chakras, run energy through them, surround yourself with a bright light, etc. then it would seem logical that we could do it to others.
For your boyfriend/girlfriend, if one of them concentrates on vibrating the other’s base chakra, while the other is in the next room, 5 miles away at the store, across the globe.
Or, the man thinks about his girlfriend while she is across town. He concentrates on connecting her base chakra (or any chakra) with his base, then begins running energy (say white, red, or whatever color) back and forth between their chakras. Will the other person notice it in say 10 seconds, 2 minutes, a half hour etc.?
Can you also use this for reading the other person?
Of course, it is said to "Ask permission before reading someone, healing them and such. Otherwise you get karma.
So, it sounds like both parties should be in agreement on this.
So, that aside, does anyone know if this kind of thing will work on another person?

Try it.

I can’t see why it wouldn’t work, one probably wouldn’t even have to focus on the chakra. If you can connect enough to push energy into their chakra you can plant suggestions, themes, or intention. One could take sexual energy and just send it at them.

A lot of healing works like that, so it’s possible - what might cause problems is expecting it to show up X minutes after you did the work. It’s not uncommon for healing to begin working on the recipient BEFORE the healer has begun, and sometimes even when the recip. doesn’t know they’re being targeted, it seems to kick in once the INTENT is solid and irrevocable in the mind of the magician or healer (something to do with non-linear time and causality).

I believe the same thing has also been observed about curses - during the research stages, the target starts having problems even though the curse isn’t yet set into motion by a ritual.

Sounds cool. Tim Rifat has a book “remote viewing” that talks some of how the remote viewers can affect a target miles away.
So if you want someone to fall in love with you, then it would seem best to visualize them in love with you, having sex, etc. Then hook up a line to their base and/or second chakra and start running energy back and forth between your chakras and theirs. Their heart chakra as well. And their mind if you want to put visions in their head of having sex with you, falling in love with you etc.
I read somewhere that when a person was ‘remotely’ putting someone to sleep, that repeating the words were useless. It had to be visualized that the person was asleep. Apparently visualizing is an extremely powerful tool. Animals apparently think in visions. Powerful stuff.

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For a while I’ve believed this to be true. Every time I think about someone I genuinely miss, either a potential crush/love partner, a friend of family member… I’ll be like “ oh wow I never seen so and so in a while”
Then I’ll get like butterflies then either right after later on in the day or sometimes the next day they’ll contact me! And I find it crazy how ironic that is. I wish there was like an actual manual on how to perfect this, because I swear it works