Love spells and curses

I’ve heard from good friends of mine that if you do a love spell or curse, it comes back at you times 3. Is that true or not?

I think rules of thirds are a Wiccan belief. It doesn’t apply to people who aren’t into that modality. So it depends who you’re asking. It’s like Karma.


Yes, your friend is right. If you believe in it, you will have it.

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No, its not true

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Nah i dont think its true, if you start believeing in it maybe then it might become true.

Did you ask your friends why do they believe that?

No, never happened To me or anyone I know of. Wiccan belief, Probably started as a form of control

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Not for most people, but if you know how you can weaponise stuff to get a similar effect.

Think like attracts like mixed with emotional entanglement and it’s already a decent reversal against most people who can’t hit without emotions.

Mixed with stuff like saturnian-lunar styled bindings and shields, to redirect and further attach the energies sent out to the sender, you pretty much have a decent defense against 99% of the magical population.

Law of Karma and Wiccan beliefs, only.
Mostly implemented from Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente as a means to throw in some “ethical” teaching to compensate for their naughty skyclad sex-energy rituals.

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