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I never knew that I could feel so much rage so much hatred and so much anger towards a person especially the person that I love almost more than anybody in the world next to my children. I’m watching Snapped like 100% I totally feel these people not jk :tired_face::tired_face: lol jk, jk.!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: as for self-love well I know I’m a great person I know I’m not ugly even if he felt like I wasn’t pretty enough for him I know 1 million men would want to have a woman like me, and I know what I bring to the table I know what I have to offer in a relationship that’s not the problem. The problem is he is the only one I want he is the one that my heart loves even if he doesn’t deserve me.

use that rage, I told you how


Earlier, I also suggested in a very detailed PM what to do, so hopefully you find peace in all this and figure out the best way to move forward…good luck :hugs:


Dont pay no more money to whoever is doing the work for you… they are not doing anything but getting your money… I got my husband back with erwann voyance who did yhe work fir me… he came back in a month, but we had been separated for 3 yrs And i hadnt saw or talk to him since then and erwann did the work and woolah he contacts me and wants to reconcile but he we reconcile, i decided i do not live him anymore, so i adk him to leave and we went our seperste ways… erwann also has a facebook page, etsy try him love and erwann is not expensive

Hi, he was too young when he got with you, the 6 kids and all the pressure of having a family was too much for him.

What I feel from him is that he wants to enjoy his life, have fun and peace, after all if understood well he is just 26-27 yo now.

He wants to start over, probably with someone else or get to know more people. Please let him go, he was honest with you and he deserves to enjoy his youth.

What you feel is the serotonin which is very strong in us women, give it sometime and you will start feeling better.

A man that is in the same page as you and who have lived life already and is ready to settle down will come to you once you are ready.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Quite an old topic but nevertheless I feel compelled to respond to your recent post. If the OP wants him back who are you to say to let him enjoy his youth and to let him go. You probably won’t get a response in any event from the OP owing to the age of this topic

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Likewise, I could ask you the same thing, who are you to tell me what and who should I respond or not?

Second, her account still active and she was last seen this month, so she may see this eventually or this may help someone on a similar situation.

Part of the forum rules actually: * Freedom: use magick as you wish and allow others to do the same”

Plus another rule is no moralising. Your post is clearly contrary to what the OP’s intended intention is

My response is not about morals or her “freedom”. Is more about logic and seeing the bigger picture. And more important self love.

Sure, you can attract and bind someone. But you cannot make him fall in love again or be happy on that life, he will not be the same to her because he will be bitter. He will always be thinking about the things he did not do and the youth he did not enjoy. Besides he wants someone close to his age that can relate more to him. All this are things that no spell will ever change.

Several people have advised here and in similar cases to move on and that she can do better. I don’t see why there is a problem with me saying the same thing.

What did really bother you about my response? Was it me saying that she should let him enjoy his youth?

Also, there are 6 kids that she has to support and take care of, a household she has to run plus a $200,000 home with a $1,740 mortgage here. She is in a difficult financial situation now, this is not the moment to be worried about a man that doesn’t want to be there.

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“Your post is clearly contrary to what the OP’s intended intention is”

No it wasn’t:

Know that it was never my intention to offend anyone but to help.

First let me start by saying you all have your own opinion but let me explain to you I would ask this man all the time or you sure you want to be with me and he would tell me I’m trying to have a baby with you aren’t I, he is the one that wanted this baby with me He is the one that wanted this house so I’m trying to build our future of course I love this man so I’m gonna do whatever’s gonna make him happy so it’s unfair for him to leave me after we have a baby and everything he is the one that wanted this house so I’m trying to build our future of course I love this man so I’m gonna do whatever’s gonna make him happy so it’s unfair for him to leave me after we have a baby and everything the way he did because he didn’t feel like I was pretty enough for him and he felt like I was too old he should’ve thought about that before trying to put me through all of this to have a baby. Don’t get me wrong I love my daughter more than anything but now I do not want him back now I want him to suffer for everything he put me through it’s so unfair that he gets to be happy while I’m over here devastated day in and day out unable to move on because I love him so much even still he’s been gone eight months now our daughter is almost 10 months old now and I can’t for the life of me understand how he wasn’t happy enough to stay and fight for our relationship to work yes I get the seven year itch but to stop loving somebody who does so much for you I never argued with him I never picked fights with him I treated this man so good I gave him attention and I was loyal so no I don’t feel like he deserves his happiness after stealing mine


Another thing is the six kids two of them no longer live in the household because they are both 18 and moved out one of them is 17 and she will be moving out soon the other one is 15 then we have an eight-year-old that he raises as his son and the baby that is his so the amount of children is not a problem for him on the note of the house this house is in his name it’s his house he bought it because he wanted this house I came here simply because I loved him and I thought we were going to be a family and it just so happens that I’m the one that’s able to afford the house


Hi, I am glad you still around. Sorry, seems that I misunderstood this part. I thought that you lived all together by the time he left:

I am glad that you don’t want to be with him anymore.

Sadly, romantic love is conditioned and not guaranteed any of the parties can leave at any given time. No matter how many sacrifices you do for the other person.

At least he didn’t stay and cheat on you or mistreated you to make you leave like others do.

This breaks my heart. Consider counseling to help you move on and find the way to direct your anger and pain in a way that doesn’t hurt you anymore so you can heal. I hope you can be happy again.

Can the Intranquil spell and Santisima Muerte be combined? I am curious because I’m about to introduce Santisima Muerte to help bring someone back.

Please tell me your experience with erwann voyance with the workings he did for you, also the price service provided