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OK so I have been reading through all of these different topics and I find that everybody is looking for a love spell but it doesn’t look like anybody has actually had any luck with one why is that?

I’m not seeing any results if anyone has had results then what method did you use.? I was going to use Santa Muerte and Intranquil Spirits to get him home and then a love/ obsession spell to make my husband want me again. I have absolutely no problem with going against his for you and I have no guilt And it doesn’t bother me one but if it’s true love or not I know how much this man loved me once. But I don’t know was how or why he stopped and if I cannot get him back then I have absolutely no problems casting every spell in Hell to make Sure he never knows the love we had again and that he doesn’t find his happy ending. Again I feel no guilt. I am an amazing loyal person and I was so good to him I always respected him. Now I just want him home or want revenge for what he has put me through.


I’ve never used Santa Muerte but I have done the intranquil spirit spell a few times…yes, if you choose to have this spell cast, please get a love spell of some sort cast because it’s possible he will be irritated, angry & not at peace once he comes home. That was the case when I had it done. Mine weren’t for love purposes, I needed my target to do something else, but each time I had it done, I had to have work done to change his demeanor towards me afterwards.

Good luck with whatever spell you choose.

With my experience although it may not be something you want to hear, but love spells work and then things go wrong because your dominating someone. Basically forcing them to be with you against their own free will. But if you must try sweetening first to soften them up and then cast your spell. Manifesting also works too but if nothing is working then maybe it wasn’t meant and the spirits see something you don’t. Hopefully this helps and good luck to u



Here’s kind of the whole story me and my honey started going out seven years ago he was 19 I was 29 we are exactly 10 years apart to the day almost. Anyways two years into the relationship he decides he wants to be a dad so I get my tubes untied and we started trying to have a baby so for four years we ended up having seven miscarriages and then I had an ectopic that nearly killed me but then after not having any luck we went through IVF and spent $35,000. Now this man treated me amazing so I figured totally worth it because I’m going to spend the rest of my life with this man right.

I got pregnant first try we had two healthy embryos a boy and a girl so we put in the girl and just had a little girl in April, he wanted a daughter really bad. Well I have three daughters from a previous relationship that he raised for the last seven years that he loves as his own they are 14,16&18 now. I also have custody of my nephew who is 7 but I have had him since birth and my daughters best friend she is 17 and I also have custody of her so total 6 kids. This man has been very mature for his age he went to work he came home he didn’t run the streets with his friends he has been very loyal and committed to me and this family. And I am very loyal to him as well I have like I said never even entertained the idea of being with another man since I’ve been with him. I love this man with all of my soul. I put my family first, I cook, I clean, we never fought and on the rare occasion that we would have an argument it was small never escalated to anything big and neither one of us were the kind of people to point out each other‘s flaws to make each other insecure like some people do in fights, we got along great and went on family vacations. It was the ideal life. I have a good job I’m an RN and we just bought a house in April after the baby was born for $200,000 eek the house payment is $1,740 a month. Okay so where it changes the week before Father’s Day he comes to me and tells me that he doesn’t love me anymore and that he feels nothing for me that he’s not happy and he wants to be single he told me that our age difference bothers him too much and that he just can’t get over it he said that it’s embarrassing telling people I’m 10 years older than him and that he thought that having a baby and buying a house would make him happy enough to stay. He said that he isn’t in to me anymore like I said I guess by that he meant he’s not attracted to me anymore and that he wants to have a connection with someone. Hell I thought we had an amazing connection. Everyone who knows us thought we were a perfect couple every one is shocked hell I’m in shock completely as you can imagine. I mean if the age difference was a problem then why did this man stay so long and continue trying to have a baby with me and how did I not know that he had a problem with our age gap. This man was crazy about me not that long ago so what changed. Anyways he moves out and gets an apartment after living with me for seven years he made a Facebook which is completely unlike him. and blocked me and deleted me from everything he deleted all the pictures of us from his phone like we didn’t have history. When he moved out I got stuck with this expensive house payment by myself and I’m stuck raising my daughter with him and whatever girl he eventually gets with this is so unfair I have loved this man and given him all of me. He’s a great father he gets our daughter every weekend while I work. But I am devastated I thought I was going to be with this man the rest of my life, he told me he don’t think he will ever find anyone like me and that he is probably making a mistake but he wants a real connection with somebody his own age so I just want to remain single I mean how am I supposed to trust somebody after this and then he’s set the bar so high because he was so good to me for so many years that’s hard to find anyway he told me I’m an amazing woman and I am such a good person and I will easily find somebody to love me but my heart only want him. I don’t want to share this new baby that I tried so hard to have with him with other women I don’t want her to have a stepmom. I had her for us if you know what I mean.

Okay so I decided to try and get him back and paid over $700 for different people to do spells. Then I found a spiritual worker who basically said they were scamming me but found her on a Facebook group and she seems very knowledgeable and told me that she could do a series of spells but would need to do a reading first so she did a spiritual reading and told me that I needed all these different spells

Limp dick (so he don’t have sex and knock someone up) 285

Healing 150.00 light

Love work- light 120.00

Work to keep people from talking down on our realationship 150.00

Cows tongue is 75.00

Intranquil spirits 675

Second erectile dysfunction spell since the first one didn’t work 285

Infinity binding 450


$2,190 total

well one of the spells she did was to make him have erectile dysfunction that way he’s not out having relationships while he’s not with me she said that the spell didn’t work the candle burned too fast and I would need to pay for another one this now puts me just over $2,000 OK so she tells me we are going to do one intranquil spirit to get him back and that the love spell isn’t producing any results she said that 4 intranquil spirits jumped on the case and she needs to dismiss two of them and then we may need the others which of course will cost more money she is charging me $675 each And she also told me if I have any contact with him the IS will quit working for me she said even if he texts me so I blocked his phone. I am already completely broke single mother with six kids. I have drained every dollar I have to get this man back and nothing has worked. I asked her if we could do an obsession spell she told me that would be an additional $800 I just want my daughters father back I want to be a family with him he told me he has already been out sleeping with different girls he was a good man for 7 years idk how he changed so much now but I just need to know what to do to get him back please tell me a suggestion Now I have paid around $3,000 total and have had no results and I’m out of money is there anything you can suggest that I can learn or do on my own to get him back I would do anything literally anything

Now she is telling me I need

Mind and domination work $480.00 each one.

And two more levels of healing work $300 each level


More intranquil spirits as the $675 only paid for 1

Basically charging me for work I didn’t ask for and trying to double charge me for work I already paid for and she didn’t start any of the work til I paid for it but then starts doing work on her own to charge me??

Lisa: I would do the work to keep other women from him. I would saltpeter his pecker so he couldn’t get a hard on or aroused by anyone until he returns home and then reverse it so he could have relations with his wife.

Then she told me

Yes. It’s been done. I have to redo it. It burned in less than 1/2 hr. Not good.

Could be the candle. So I’m going to redo. Have to buy another penis candle. I’ve never had one burn that quickly.

The penis candle burned the way it did because he is having or was having sexual relations with someone at the time I had done the candle or he could’ve been masturbating.

I have tried doing magic myself with no luck now I have exhausted my resources and my income and I just want to stop loving him I want somebody anybody to help me I want to be able to focus on my kids and not obsess over him anymore

I know your young and probably haven’t been through anything like this but I gave that man my heart and I was so fucking good to him for him to beg me to have a kid with him for me to go through eight pregnancies 7 miscarriages and I asked him are you sure that you want to be with me for the rest of your life and he told me I’m trying to have a kid with you aren’t I

He has now been gone for four months I haven’t seen him in over two months and we have not spoken through text in weeks not even one text message When he picks up the baby he picks her up from my teenage daughter and then he dropped her back off with one of them


Please take care of the mundane issues at hand as well. If my son’s father didn’t contact me in months, but still wanted to see our son, he would have to take me to court first…we don’t need to be friends, but we absolutely need to be civil for the baby’s sake :rage: If that agreement works for you, that’s fine but if not, handle your business.

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He wants to be civil with me it’s like I’m his best friend and he wants to keep it that way but I refuse to see him if he doesn’t wanna be with me

Take the energy you’re pouring into loving him and love yourself first. You are what you attract. I have been in similar situations but I also know my self worth and will never give a man a chance to make me feel less than simply bc he has a change of heart. Dont pay anyone else for this. I can’t tell you what to do but you seem to have a great career and kids that love you! I guarantee that you’ll find better although it may not seem like it now, he doesn’t deserve you or the sacrifices you’ve made. But if you meditate you can manifest him back into your life. Search Eric Ho and he’ll guide you. :two_hearts:Best of luck luv


If I could quit loving him I would honey but thank you

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ok first off…you are being scammed, she keeps asking 4 money yet the spells never seem to work.

Second, while I understand the pain you are going through as he suddenly just up and changed his mind like a snap of the finger, look at it this way, at least he had the decency to explain his reason to you before cutting you off, imagine the person just up and left without explaining to you why, something similar to that happened to me. Of course my story was very short, so there is where we differ, so i understand why you are in so much pain

3rd…love spells do work, but i will tell you this, be careful what you wish for, there is almost always a blowback, what i would do is send the pain and hurt he has caused, back to him with my mind, psychically, like i did to the girl that hurt me


How I don’t know how to

just relax, meditate, focus on your pain, your hate your anger and focus on him, use a pic if it makes it easier, breathe in and out, focus and project with your mind all your hate and pain to him, use that anger, channel it back to him, if you can, visualize what you want to happen to him, but make sure you know what you want to happen to him


I totally get it now…

we probably don’t hear about the love spell success stories much because people are too scared to jinx it by sharing! I would recommend you learn and do it yourself , I got in to this path to get someone and along the way I fixed all other problems I had (money, health, job, removing curse), now that I have build the confidence and a good relationship with spirits I’m working on the person again and slowly things are moving.Desperation is zero , self love is high, and I don’t really care that much but because it’s my desire I want it manifested just like everything else, so I don’t look back and say “what if?” best of luck


I gave that man my heart and Soul. I was so fucking good to him for him to beg me to have a kid with him for me to go through eight pregnancies 7 miscarriages and I asked him are you sure that you want to be with me for the rest of your life and he told me I’m trying to have a kid with you aren’t I. So it just frustrates me and I don’t know how to stop thinking about it

Awwww I feel so bad for you :pensive:. I wish everything works out!


Since you said everyone thought you were a perfect couple, keep in mind that you might have been a victim of a curse or a psychic attack? you know people are extremely jealous and I read somewhere that envy and jealousy work like a death curse, look on this forum how many people ask for breakup spells with no solid reason? Him suddenly changing indicates that strongly


Paradoxically a good side of failure is that, if one tries again, at a certain point he/she will be more able to let go. “Worst case, it won’t work: been there, done that”. And perhaps for all the magical operations may come the moment of success, after an act of ‘capitulation’/detachment.

My point is that I know Love spells are real but there is nowhere online that I have seen of them working successfully for anyone that is what is killing me

The money being spent on spells is far too exorbitant. To me that is deliberate exploitation of your money and the situation.

They’re culling you in with more of your money because you are willing to do it again. If her $2000 spell attempt did not work, because her candle burnt out too quickly, how the fuck is that on you?

Honestly, I can find other providers out there that could do a better job for less pricing or FOR FREE… DO NOT BE SO IMPRESSIONABLE! I know purchasing a spell is a purchase of gratification… but something feels off here!

But what I’m seeing here is a lot and lot of being money spent when this could be do for free by genuine sorcerers who’d wish to help, most likely at a much lower price. Please work on yourself as well. Double charging for a spell is something only the gullible could fall for.


Yes I know but at the same time I was/ am desperate but at this point have exhausted my resources. I found another member of the group that agreed to help me now it’s just a waiting game I have to find a way to keep my mind off of it